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MET Technologies: Aligning Organizational Objectives for Maximum Business Results


The Call Center industry is growing tremendously and this rapid growth can be attributed to several capabilities of call center solutions like betterment of utilization of resources, extreme competitiveness, management of business hazards, and control over operational expenses. The call centers ensure that the backend tasks are taken good care of and due to this reason opting for outsourcing services is becoming an alluring option for business houses. However, businesses are looking for customer service and support operations that are aligned with their strategic goals. They expect a call center solution provider to improve their operational efficiency and drive world class levels of performance, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

MET Technologies, headquartered in Kolkata, is one such company which accomplishes the same. The company employs strategic planning methods to leverage input from key decision makers within the organization, interviews individual contributors and discusses with key stakeholders to develop the strategic plan and align organizational objectives for maximum business results. In addition, the company aligns the strategy with customer service industry standards and best practices to ensure its client’s success.

MET Technologies has significantly grown in the year 2015 from a 200 seat call center to a 750 seat call center along with a significant growth of 120 percent in the human resource department and 75 percent in revenue along with acquiring three UK based companies and participating in one of the prestigious call center expos in UK as an exhibitor. The firm has acquired 6 companies in four different countries in last five years.

MET Technologies lays down Service Strategies that help its clients create comprehensive plan, KPIs and goals to lead their organization to the next level of performance. The plan provides a three to five year roadmap to guide organizational development and help eliminate issues that can result from poor planning by facilitating meetings, conducting research, identifying requirements and gathering the necessary data to develop the strategic plan for the service operation. The company also creates the planning documents and provides an executive presentation to communicate the strategy to senior management and staff.

In addition, the company conducts a high level assessment and provides a report outlining its recommendations for restructuring the organization. The company also provides an implementation plan that helps businesses streamline the organization structure, define span of control and accountability, create KPIs and implement incentive and reward plans. The company’s Service Strategies also deliver a comprehensive analysis of the performance of the current service model in a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) format.

In 2016, MET Technologies aims to achieve more by adding 1300 seats more to its infrastructure, recruiting 2000 more employees, having more than 30+ international clients and launching its own software product called “MBLLIZ” for the international telecom companies. “We expect to grow more than 400 percent in the financial year 2016-17 and we see ourselves as one of the leading call centers in the eastern India by the year 2016, envisages Kunal Gupta, Managing Director of the company.