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Magic Software Enterprises: Leverages a Metadata- driven Approach to Allow Enterprises to Focus on Implementing their Business Processes Without Needing to Code or to have Specialized Technical Knowledge


Today’s competitive environment requires enterprises to be highly efficient, innovative and easily adaptable in order to succeed. For example, most enterprises employ multiple IT systems, including ERP, CRM, Content Management, SCM, e Commerce, etc. By integrating their systems, enterprises can not only increase business productivity, operational efficiencies and innovation, but also gain a valuable 360° view of their customers and business.

Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ: MGIC), empowers organizations increase efficiencies and create new value from their existing IT systems. The Magic xpi Integration Platform lets organizations create new workflows, automate business processes and synchronize data across systems. Magic xpi makes it much easier to connect and modify business processes when compared to traditional point-to-point coding. The multi-channel Magic xpa Application Platform enables enterprises to leverage a single development effort to create applications for different operating systems and devices (desktops, tablets, smart phones), quickly and cost-effectively. Running on the same technology stack, Magic xpa and Magic xpi form the basis of Magic’s End-to End Enterprise Mobility solution, which also includes Magic Mobile Device Management and Mobility Professional Services.

“To be of value, enterprise apps need to connect to and mobilize processes from back-end enterprise systems. Magic’s Enterprise Mobility Solution provides everything enterprises need to create secure, functional, attractive and intuitive mobile enterprise apps, quickly and cost-effectively,” says Nitin Bhosle, General Manager, Magic Software Enterprises India. “Magic incorporates advanced functionalities and technologies, including offline, native capabilities and modern user experience features, and continuously adapts its platforms to meet evolving enterprise needs,” adds Nitin.

Based on In-memory Data Grid architecture, Magic’s integration platform provides 24/7 real-time availability, automatic recovery and scalability to support even the heaviest transactions load without risk of downtime or data loss. In addition, this platform provides a broad range of connectivity, which includes certified adapters Wfor SAP, Salesforce, Oracle JDE, Microsoft, IBM, SugarCRM, SYSPRO, and more.

Magic’s flexible architecture supports diverse enterprise environments including any combination of cloud, on-premise and legacy systems. Incorporating thirty years of enterprise experience, Magic's enterprise platforms aspire to make application development and integration easier for enterprises by doing the technical work behind the scenes. “Our mission is to deliver high business productivity and high ROI. Together, Magic’s metadata-driven approach and flexible architecture enable organizations of all sizes, in all types of industries, with all types of infrastructures, to benefit from our solutions,” states Nitin.

“We're proud that Magic's enterprise platform are being used by thousands of customers globally, including leading Indian customers such as, Godrej Properties, Mahindra, United Spirits, Himalaya Wellness, JMC Projects, Honda, SRL, Nagarjuna group and others,” concludes Nitin Bhosle.