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Meteonic Innovation: Deploying ALM Solutions for Effective Software Development


With the gradual acceptance of ALM solutions, companies begin to dip their toes in ALM waters. Enterprises have an array of expectations when employing companies for their ALM services.The top most being, companies with B2B and B2C experience in delivering enterprise products and solutions. With this being the topmost criteria in every enterprises checklist, solution providers shy away almost instantaneously. Meteonic Innovation, situated in Bangalore, the team having played key roles in enterprise products and solutions with over 20 years of varied and diverse experience have worked in B2B and B2C models across multiple industries, brings a 360 degree perspective keeping in mind the business goals and end user needs. “A right ALM solution also requires individual mindset transformation. Our solutions also enable mindset transformations across cross functional teams”, reveals Vandana Mehrotra, Co-founder-CEO, Meteonic Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Business and technical decision makers generally face a number of common issues in Application Delivery Management, User Experience, Project Management, Data Management, Software Coding Quality etc. But Meteonic Innovation got all their bases covered. They have partnered with best of the tools globally across all phases of SDLC like Klocwork, Veracode, Jama, Lattix, etc.

Meteonic Innovation has positioned itself in a niche space offering ALM solutions with a wide range of technological tools. The company provides consulting services for DevOps solutions with open source tools as well as enterprise tools based on customer’s pain point. “We assess, evaluate, plan and give our customers timely solutions to implement end-to-end DevOps solutions with technological and cultural components,” believes Vandana Mehrotra.

Meteonic has partnered with some world class DevOps tools in order to deliver continuous development goals. Clarive Software, Docker, Chef and Puppet are the array of DevOps tools that the company has to offer so that one can focus more on innovation while one’s time to market is shortened. Clarive provides support to your Development and Operations team on all platforms. It has end-to-end real-time operational data available in a single database for reporting and analytical purposes by combining ALM topic process orchestration, release and deploy automation, and configuration management.

As we understand, recognizing patterns of failures and pain points is one of the main motives in providing ALM Solutions. Vandana Mehrotra goes on to explain how her team analyses and reviews projects that have caused failures in the past by detailed discussions and dipsticks. Once the root cause of failure is understood, the company tries to automate error free process to not repeat the same mistakes. Once all the pain points are discovered, it helps the team to devise the best DevOps solutions to fulfill the client needs and achieve the best results.

Vandana Mehrotra signs off with her take of what will propel the widespread adoption of ALM solutions, “Breaking down silo’s, more transparent communication across teams, less dependency on people for information by automated access to information, visibility of product development across teams as and when needed are key to effective ALM solutions and services going forward.”