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Navrita Software: Enabling SMEs to benefit complete CRM advantages through Kreato


On-premise based CRM solution usually results in high expenditure and frequent up-gradation. Software and Hardware maintenance of IT infrastructure becomes an arduous task for technical teams while implementing an on premise based CRM model. Whereas, other IT vendors offering similar SaaS CRM solutions often face obstruction while providing solutions for an end-to-end customer relationship management lifecycle from a single solution. In addition to this, they also face problems while providing customized solutions with agility and at a minimal cost. Chennai based Navrita Software is positioned in the market to help SMEs through its product Kreato. “We have developed the Kreato CRM platform in-house from scratch to have the complete control of the product that helps us to make sure small & medium enterprises can obtain an end-to-end customer relationship management across Sales, Marketing and Support,” says Lokanathan Kutuva, Co-founder and CEO of Navrita Software.The company was founded in 2010 by Lokanathan and Venkatesh Kutuva with an aim to revolutionize the Indian SME segment pertaining to the management of end-to-end customer relationships lifecycle.

Unveiling Kreato- CRM platform for SMEs
Following two extensive years of research and engineering for the development of Kreato, Navrita Software recently unveiled their product having comprehensive features of CRM with customizable solutions at an affordable and incremental price valuation for SMEs across the globe. Kreato has been provided the potential to enable enterprises to implement CRM applications within short span of time ranging from 2-8 hours at an affordable price offering. Additionally, Kreato supports both volume and pre-payment based discount plans to benefit SMEs based on the size and commitments. It also empowers SMEs to have a tailored CRM with other systems like Cloud Telephony, SMS Service, E-commerce, Transactional Mailing, Ticketing and Knowledge Management. In regards to security, Navrita’s product heeds a complete secured single tenant database model for ensuring utmost data security in real time. Additionally, security measures and other application outstretches are provided through secured 256 bit SSL encryption layer and distinct sub-domains. Also Kreato has been built as a D-I-Y software with built-in customer support and video tutorials for expediting the setup &learning process.

Highly flexible architecture built on Microsoft Platform
Kreato has the strategic advantage in the SaaS product service space as Applications, Database and cloud infrastructure has been built on latest frameworks and developed on Microsoft Platform. Hence Navrita Software is able to recapitulate latest features securely within weeks to release the updates in the market. It operates out of a browser and doesn’t require any software or hardware installation at the customer end. Hence Kreato helps to leverage many benefits from Microsoft for faster development, deployment and maintenance of customer relationship. “So with an enterprise class feature having SaaS architecture and Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, our product is capable to provide facilities such as auto scalability, load-balancing, high-availability, fail-over and geo-redundant backup solutions,” adds Lokanathan. Following the ongoing CRM software demand, Navrita Software aims to establish itself as a top CRM vendor of choice for the Indian SME customer segment. “On the whole, we want the SMEs in India to become better by using our CRM solution,” concludes Lokanathan.
Panel; Navrita Software helped PSSrijan, a real estate company to meet the continuously growing demands of customers through its flagship product. Kreato CRM helped PSSrijan to organize pre-sales processes and streamline telephonic communications through cloud telephony integration. The client had post sales process in place but did not have an automated pre-sales process. As the pre-sales lead was managed using Excel, it used to get deleted occasionally leading to loss of data. Client could also not track number of calls they received on a particular day. PSSrijan approached Navrita and it helped it to streamline CRM through Pre Sales Process by implementing cloud telephony integration. “Good CRM at a good Cost. The help & setup videos really clinched the deal. Special Thanks to Kreato support team for making it so easy to implement,” said Prashant Chopra, Director of PS Group Realty Limited.

Kreato CRM performs various customer focused business processes such as Marketing, SFA Automation, Contact Management, Analytics, Customer Communication& Support services with integrations and business apps from one single cloud hosted CRM.