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Nebulae Software Services: Moving, Securing and Sanitizing Data for Efficient Growth


Every organization today wants to establish a strong relationship with its customers by identifying the actual needs of the customer to serve them in better way. Owing to profuse data around various operations, organizations have gradually started to embrace Analytics and Big Data to capitalize on business opportunities and formulate better plans to fulfill exact and unique customer requirements. These organizations today demand more transparency, accountability from their data analytics service providers because they want to see how their data massively affects decision making. Along with these demands, uncontrolled access to data, lack of governance and ownership of data assets and regulatory compliance requirements has crimped data management processes today. While all Analytics and Data management service providers may not understand the importance of enterprise data as a precious asset impacting decision making, there is Nebulae Software Services based in Hyderabad, Telangana who emphasizes on the creation of a process to maintain accurate, consistent, transparent data to help enterprises deliver significant value to its customers. Nebulae helps in meeting enterprise data management goals to ensure effective use of Information System and data while unlocking its potential and allowing organizations to grow exponentially. With best practices and proven intelligence tools, the company has built organization performance management application in the form of enterprise scorecards, reports and dashboards. “We help organizations move, secure and sanitize data to unlock the power of information within that will pave way for increased efficiency and growth. We help organization use the data, analyze it and deliver.

Founding Year: 2011
Management: Pravin Mohite – Director and Jai Mhatre – Director
Headquarter: Hyderabad, Telangana

Analytics Service Offerings

• Consulting: BI Roadmap, Tool Evaluation, Health Check, Data Quality assessment, meta data integration
• Architecting: Creating optimal BI architecture, review and choose appropriate BI and data quality solutions
• Engineering: Enterprise data modeling, Set up factory for reporting and data integration, meta data management system
• Consolidation: Implement package analytics or customer build, data mart consolidation, product standardization
• Maintenance: Data production support –smooth BI operation aligning with changing needs at minimal investments
• Advanced Analytics: To secure a competitive advantage predictive modeling

Few More

• BI Strategy and Assessments
• Executive Dashboards
• Proof of Concept
• BW-BOBJ Integration
• Implementation and Upgrades
• Maintenance and Support
• Corporate Training
• Architecture Consulting

Effective Use of Information System with

KPI based Reporting: Required information is presented to stakeholder to track individual Key Performance Indicator.

Data Warehousing: With the help of a robust and effective data warehouse, Nebulae ensures that the required data is available for business analysis.

Intelligence: Adds intelligence to business data analytics, thereby allowing companies to take decisions proactively