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Open Mind Services Ltd.: Revamps Connect Centre Services with Supreme Expertise


The contact centre market in India is identifying an increasing drive towards quality of customer experience. Demonstrating high levels of empathy and rapport can generate better customer experience in the contact centre industry. Rigorously focusing on empathy and compassion based Inbound calling processes, Open Mind Services headquartered in Gurgaon, comes into picture by finding opportunities in domestic contact centre market and strong focus on Healthcare and HR Shared Services zone. The company is a leading KPO (Knowledge Processing Outsource) company in India offers a one stop outsourcing solution to all its clients’ KPO needs. The company has expertise in both voice and non-voice based activities and offers services like Patient Relationship Management, HR Help Desk and Help Lines. Open Mind works for appointment management, lead generation, back office, Helpdesk, Vendor Management and Call centre services and has self developed softwares for CRM (Customer Relationship management) and updation dashboards, e-notice boards, graphical call Dashboards, Auto call cleansing system etc.

“Being pioneer in both Patient Helpdesks and HR Helpdesks has helped us focus onto a market, which is very wide but also very new,” says Naveen Gulati, Director and CEO, Open Mind Services. Since many years, Open Mind has been creating and managing Health Care KPO which takes care of Patients on specific therapies, appointment management, helps patients connect with the doctors. The Patient Relationship Helpdesk is an advantage for any healthcare service provider by the means of its trained resources with an empathetic approach and enhances the brand value of the healthcare provider. Open Mind Services helps the front end teams of medical establishments to cater to the walk-in patients, meanwhile Open Mind’s specialized team manages the backend process. Open Mind’s Multi-Lingual team specializes in Critical Care Management and Mother and Child Care Helpline through understanding of the services, doctor specialization and processes.

Besides, Open Mind has been creating and managing Employee Help desks for its clients in India. The company offers HR– Employee Help Desk (HR Bridge), that connects employee with the company, dissipates all the HR related information and adds value by transferring the transactional workload of the HR Managers to Open Mind’s trained resources.

Through the Help Line services, Open Mind provides student mentoring, counselling for education companies, Real Estate help lines for builders and help lines for Vendor Management, Facilities Management and Disaster handling. “Vendor Management services is one of the parts of our portfolio and is being driven by the intense use of technology including application based services and auto call logging,” points out Ms. Rakhi, Director and COO.

Open Mind is an organization headed by Woman entrepreneur Ms. Rakhi and the training team is headed by her is able to offer updated information. The company has more attention on employees and its comparable HR policies among best of Indian companies, helps them to avoid heavy attrition cost. The Company has envisaged becoming the best KPO services provider in HR domain and Healthcare by 2020. In next five years, Open Mind aims to grow by hundred percent every year.