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Pace Wisdom: Effective Mobile Application Development Company for a Growing SME Market


Enterprises make good impressions by having online presences with an application for various mobile platforms. In this regard, mobile applications have helped to retain customers through reinforcement of brands and surge in accessibility across mobile devices on various software platforms. According to research, a surge of mobile phone usability is directly proportional to surge in mobile app usability as most mobile time is spent on apps. The future of business depends on the propensity to get business embedded on the smart phones all around the world.
By optimizing the ongoing mobile application development trend, Bangalore based Pace Wisdom Solutions Pvt Ltd. is positioned in the market by developing customized mobile applications for various verticals such as Analytics, Finance, Real Estate, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Rural, Agriculture and Media. With specialties in Mobility solutions, iOS and Android Application, Pace Wisdom sought to deploy high quality apps with a mission to transform ideas into Apps on various gadgets.“Our 3D approach, Design, Develop and Deploy is the core mantra which we follow to develop mobile application mainly on iOS and Android,” says Bharat Jatangi, Director and founder of Pace Wisdom Solutions.
The company was founded in 2011 with an aim to provide mobile, Web and Embedded services through optimization of Enterprise Mobility. “We project ourselves as a virtual CTO, being one stop shop for all startup companies and enterprises to ensure that they concentrate more on their business and we cater to their technology needs.”, says Mohammed Azzan Patni, Co-founder and Creative Technical Director.
Post App Deployment
Creating an app is an accomplishment but not a ladder to successful and promising application of future. Mobile app marketing becomes a vital procedure after deployment of an app in market. It is a complex procedure that consumes a lot of time, but yields benefits too if planned and executed properly. After developing an app, Pace Wisdom helps enterprises to reach their target audience and find new ways to engage more users. Hence, enterprises are assisted by Pace Wisdom team to refine marketing strategies and find niche market through advertisement and publicizing apps by selecting right platforms. “We have developed many customized applications and we always look forward to enhance a long-term client relationship by regular app marketing,” adds Srihari Bhat & Madhukar Hiranya, Co-founders and Directors.

Customized and Innovative Apps Ahead
Pace Wisdom develops customized mobile apps that align business requirements with IT strategy. Despite internet being a major concern in a developing country like India, Pace Wisdom has deployed over 60 applications so far in English along with other regional languages such as Hindi and Kannada.
“We want the mobile and internet technology to reach more of India, and this can be possible by breaking the language barriers and having apps that support most of the regional languages which is understood by masses” explains, Mohan Thimmadasaiah Co-founder and Director for Technology. “Through more data connectivity we want people to optimize app technology in regional languages across various locations in India,” explains Shashank Prabhakar, Co-founder and Director for Mobility.
Bangalore based Pace Wisdom is also working with nine countries for over a year. The team has also developed various mobile apps to control the hardware systems and other devices connected on board on the embedded domain which is led by Sachin Kumar M.S, Co-founder & Director of Embedded Projects. Pace Wisdom has been working with Top Corporates like Samsung, Philips, Monsanto, Assetz Properties, Bosch India, Store King, Trio world School, Medi Assist India and many more.
Founded by seven members in 2011, Pace Wisdom currently employs over 50 IT professionals with different mobile app development expertise and also having its registered offices in New Jersey and Sydney.