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Parahit Technologies: Transfiguring Telecom solutions by Simplified Technology


Today, a colossal number of technology applications are available in the market to help call centres function more effectively. Owing to proliferation of technology, call centre enterprises anticipate Unified Communication System, Single application for out-dial and in-dial, Integration capabilities of CRM, ERP and social media, hybrid-cloud and on-premise telephony system, robotics, customizable MIS and reporting system etc. from vendors. Perceiving today’s call centre market requirements,New Delhi headquartered Parahit Technologies Limited, has made a mark in the call centre technology realm with its flagship product named Galaxy which caters to multi-office IP (Internet Protocol) PBX (Private Branch Exchange) environments, UCS (Unified Communication System),hybrid cloud and on-premise telephony with all dialling types whether in-dial or out-dial. Founded by Hemanth Purohit along with three passionate engineers in 2006 and registered in 2008 as eHorizons Soft Tech Pvt. Ltd, it offers Interactive Voice Response System, Automatic Call Distributor, Predictive Dialer, Voice Logger, CTI Application and Soft Phone etc.“With 10 years of experience in catering to variety of voice based software solutions, we have solutions for any diverse or complex call center need. Not only our own Windows and Linux based softphone gives flexibility to contact center business to plan infra cost but our capability to be phone independent allows a business to use its existing or any phone system. From a large number of trunk lines to a large number of extension base, from multi-facility environment to handshake with multiple PBX systems, we are comprehensive, inter-operable with third party applications, yet a lot user friendly,” points out Hemanth Purohit, CEO, Parahit Technologies.

Streamlining Telecom Products for Easy Utilization

The company also offers a preview dialer in which its filters can operate on any field of customer data, disposition, time of call etc. Thereby, agent can review all customer information along with history of disposition, voice recording of the customer along with history of all fields edited in the past. In addition, it connects customer’s captive applications through APIs, pull or push on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for achieving fully automatic system. Galaxy range of products offers both on-premise and cloud based Out-dial and In-dial IVR systems. The Out-dial IVRs offer voice prompts for promotional campaigns while connecting telemarketing agents in real time. The clients can use In-Dial IVRs for branch locators, inquiry systems, grievances and feedbacks. While taking Automatic Call Distribution into account, Galaxy helps its clients in routing several incoming phone calls. The company can route calls based on DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) information, skill, call location, overflow and priority desks.

Galaxy approaches Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) by analytically considering a client's overall contact center requirements rather than simply focusing on a segment of the call flow. CTI not only shares the call information but one can integrate the customer-ID, agent information, voice recording. For an outbound or inbound call, Galaxy’s 14 APIs let the customer run all telephony functions on its own CRM application at the functional level while getting all MIS and reports. For managing telephone messages for a large group of people, Galaxy system is capable of receiving voicemail on phone-set, web interface as well as email. In addition, the company can integrate traditional PBX systems to achieve voicemail service.

When it comes to its predictive dialling, the product operates on two distinct fundamentals. It sets up the dialing pace based on connectivity ratio, detecting non human connects and automatically dispose them. Additionally, it corrects the pacing automatically to avoid customer connect hang-ups. The product enables its client to configure data auto-reload for not connected calls in a cyclic mode based on dialer disposition.

“India being a cost sensitive market, the enterprises and BPOs here have become choosy for quality products along with aggressive technical support. We have experienced that even government departments and agencies have rolled out many call centers for citizens. We see that within next three to four years we will reach 100,000 users mark,” says Hemanth.

Since its inception, team of Parahit Technologies has been keen to simplifying the technology for innovative solutions with easy utilization. The company reinforces call centers to adopt Indian home grown products which have global standards and are trustworthy for any scale and size of operations. With on-premise solution expertise and cutting edge cloud telephony for small call centres, ecommerce and start-ups, the company aims to be in top three position in offering home grown call centre products. Presently, it succours North Indian BPOs and Enterprises while envisaging to spread its solutions across India within fiscal year 2016-2017.