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Perpetuuiti: Automating Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping


With IT services being embedded in critical business processes across most organizations - from online commerce to back-office operations, interruptions to or degradations of these services are insinuations which are threatening enterprises of serious business consequences. The revelation is compelling IT to understand the impact of changes and downtime on key applications and business services. As a result, the Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) market is evolving rapidly, and developing new dimensions. While this is perplexing, it is also a positive sign, as in its diversity and diverse solutions, vendors rendering ADDM capabilities are geared up to be more responsive to a yet broader set of constituents, requirements, use cases and roles than ever before. This includes requirements emerging from internal and external (public) cloud, the extended enterprise across ecosystems, agile application development and a dramatic upswing in currency, ease of deployment and modularity.

Developing application maps, being an essential step in creating service models, is enabling IT to ensure the delivery of services at the levels required by the business and helping enterprises to make better planning decisions and recover more quickly from application downtime. However, there are some challenges in developing these maps like dealing with the complexity of multi-tiered applications and continuous change in the IT infrastructure. Perpetuuiti Technosoft Services, headquartered in Mumbai, addresses these challenges by automatically discovering what an organization has in its IT environment and mapping it in terms of the dependency with an automated approach. The company provides real-time enterprise visibility of business integrated to IT. “The biggest problem today is to gather the information. You have to dedicate resources to do that and then validate it whether it is real or not. We automate the whole process of application discovery and application dependency mapping so that an organization does not need to rely on people to collect that information.” says Rohil Sharma, CEO, Perpetuuiti.

Automated Business Service Continuity and Availability
Perpetuuiti provides a versatile framework which is on top of the entire prevalent IT infrastructure of an organization and monitors, manages and automates all of it. While confronting the heterogeneity of servers, it is a herculean task to maintain the various scripts. An enterprise needs human resources with subject matter expertise to do all of that and those people have to be available all the time.Perpetuuiti helps enterprises cross this hurdle by endowing them with its script-less and agent-less product. “The product gets rid of all the scripts and when the disaster strikes, you actually don’t need subject matter expertise to bring it up because you don’t know whether they will be available.” adds Sharma.

Real-time visibility is when you monitor everything which is under the umbrella because we are talking about a world where everything is network. Everything which is there is also connected to something else. An interruption at one node manifests itself in the form of a rippling impact which has a cascading effect on multiple things. Perpetuuiti monitors everything and brings in the relationship telling that this has gone down and it is the effect of “that”.Perpetuuiti conducts Business Impact Analysis (BIA) by asking questions to the stakeholders that if this happens what would be its impact and what is the risk associated with that. It is very difficult for an organization as it grows to get the answer from everybody in a single day or in single hour. So, one has to ask these questions to all the stakeholders and come up with a BIA and risk assessment report.

Perpetuuiti’s Continuity Patrol™ system then enables enterprises to do the interdependency mapping of all that so that the associated and cumulative risk is shown to them in real time. The impact of that risk and disruption which happens is also given in a cumulative fashion so that the enterprise can put a mitigation plan around it, thus providing an end-to-end automated solution for Business Service Continuity and Availability Management.

Financial impact

Today, $6.2 trillion is lost every year because something called silent IT disaster. Most SLAs today have two hours of response time and four hours of resolution time. But the financial impact of the disaster is never known to anybody. Resolving takes four hours but how much money has been lost over the last year is never calculated and is never known in real time. An insight into the same is what Perpetuuiti brings out to the table.“You will never get the insights for proper Business Continuity Planning until and unless you can monitor the applications in real-time and in an automated manner. Application dependency is a big factor and Perpetuuiti is an innovation leader in automated application dependency mapping,”says Sharma.

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