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ProductDossier: Commoditizing the New Domain of Business Execution/Project Management


Today’s enterprise software domain can be divided into three layers with CRM and ERP forming two major parts and the third part being the space between these two which is the business process execution. With an increase in technological erudition on the ERP and CRM systems, there is now a growing need to bridge the gap between the services offered by these different software systems to take the process of business execution to the next level. ProductDossier, headquartered in Pune, nurtures this new domain between CRM and ERP , by providing solutions which fills this gap & are integrated with CRM and ERP.

“ProductDossier aims at increasing the productivity of its customers by 25-30 percent on a sustainable basis and helping them adhere to statutory and quality compliances completely. We provide control, visibility and actionable data points to make decision making more effective. We offer a sustainable matrix to do the continuous improvement across an organization.” says Sandeep Kumar, Founder and CEO, ProductDossier. With these objectives, ProductDossier developed a product called TouchBase which is an enterprise software solution positioned between CRM and ERP. It is an industry specific business software providing solutions for project management and other business processes having comprehensive functionality, modular approach, high configurability and state-of-the-art technology stack while being cost effective.

ProductDossier is trying to commoditize the space of business execution by building a highly configurable technology product which is out of the box and yet tailor made for customer needs and this in turn reduces the implementation. A testimony to its endeavor is the comprehensive nature of its product, TouchBase which caters to multiple verticals through a variety of solutions. It is being used for end-to-end Project management automating 02C (Order to Cash) in a professional services vertical. It has proved its worth for New Product Development right from Idea to Business Case Evaluation to Product Development, Registration, Product launch and Performance in a pharmaceutical generics company. For an Engineering and Manufacturing company, TouchBase has been used for Managing Item Master, BOM and Change management. It is also being used for Managing engineering designs, drawings/transmittals, supplier and procurement management and so on by an EPC company. Some of the customers include QuEST Global, Tata Technologies, BHEL, Pari Robotics, Eicher, ThyssenKrupp, BATEMAN, 3M, Mega Lifesciences and so on.

TouchBase is designed with service oriented architecture considering that it has to exchange data bi-directionally with other applications in an enterprise. The level of integration which it reaches is evident from the way it blends with several major enterprise applications. Be it ERP applications like SAP, Oracle or CRM applications like Sales Force, Microsoft CRM; TouchBase integrates with all. Also, being highly configurable, TouchBase makes it easier to do mockups and provide visualization at the time of blueprint preparation, and in turn brings down implementation time.

ProductDossier helps enterprises see the big picture and articulate their requirements. Instead of selling software, the company believes in selling solution which is configured to the needs of user. It follows a modular approach and offers high configurability. Moving ahead with a mission to take business execution space towards commoditization, ProductDossier plans to expand its global reach and be recognized as leader in the business execution/project management space.