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Spigot Software: Bringing in Deeper Transformation in HIS market


The need to slash healthcare costs, reinforce clinical and administrative workflow of hospitals, and huge demand for faster and efficient healthcare delivery is fueling the healthcare IT market today. Furthermore, CIOs of various hospitals are looking at implementing Healthcare Information System to handle data across various disparate set of hospitals, achieve cost and quality benchmarks and bring in successful clinical decision support. However, dearth in relevant infrastructure and difficulty in gleaning data to supervise patient health and simplify clinical operations while keeping patient’s confidentiality intact are some of the tight spots encountered by majority of the niche healthcare solution providers. In addition, these vendors lack in technology required to exchange information from all and any part of the healthcare system, due to poor integration capabilities of their solutions. Nevertheless, Bangalore based Spigot Software has a differentiated and razor sharp approach to respond to these challenges in a faster and cost effective way. Spigot’s way of developing its healthcare product architecture is such that information towed from various sources becomes easier to share across all the organization while abiding all the protocols necessary to protect confidentiality. Backed with Microsoft Technologies, Spigot’s Hospital Information Solution is completely web based, having a centralized control of data repository with thin browser based clients. With Srinath Bettadpur, an IT veteran at the helm, Spigot has been able to develop and deploy resilient, scalable, secure and high performance healthcare solutions. Srinath brings with him rich technical knowledge and experience that spans research and development as well as commercial software development. Explaining how Spigot seamlessly manages healthcare data integration, Srinath says, “As regards to storage, we support all the backend storage devices that the SQL server supports. There are no limitations with respect to this”.
Improving the management of healthcare related information
Today, healthcare solution providers are working extremely hard to convince the CIOs and IT bigwigs to adopt HIS for automating complete operations of hospitals. Though the awareness on HIS has started to grow, there are still issues concerning its adoption owing to high implementation costs, technical hassles and integration challenges. Spigot brings the CIOs and IT leaders a clear understanding of HIS usefulness and how investment on the same can extract quick ROI in terms of reduced manpower to manage the hospitals more efficiently and intelligently with the use of right and timely data along with cost savings. “Spigot’s HIS solutions are available at an affordable price and can adapt well to in-premise, hosted and cloud infrastructure seamlessly,” says Srinath. Additionally, the company’s agile and seasoned teams respond to customers’ quandaries with quick response times along with efficient after-sales support. “We have small support team to manage CRM and technical support”, adds Srinath.

Efficiently meeting Healthcare Needs with HIS Product Suite
Understanding the requirements of healthcare units ranging from single doctor/multi doctor clinics and nursing home to big hospitals is one of the key factors responsible for successful healthcare operations, Spigot brings to market an end-to-end Healthcare product suite that caters to complete spectrum of all healthcare units. Ashwa HIS is Spigot’s flagship HIS product that caters to larger needs of medium to big hospitals and has three different variants namely Standard, Advanced & Enterprise. Along the same vein, RajaHamsa HIS from Spigot is designed mainly for smaller setups and comes with two variants, namely Lite & Advanced. These solutions in general, support patients’ registrations, enquiries, service ordering, ward management, billing, laboratory information system, E-prescription, EMR, Pharmacy, inventory and many more aspects of hospital management. “ In addition to this, Spigot has auxiliary product suite in HR that helps any organization including hospitals with managing employee master data, including compensation, leave management including biometric attendance control, employee appraisal and many more”, explains Srinath.

HIS in the future Healthcare Landscape
As the healthcare market is envisaging tremendous encouragement and boost from government, doctor and entrepreneurs, HIS market is being expected to grow exponentially. “With the advent of new hospitals in urban, semi-urban and rural sector, HIS market is bound to grow tremendously”, affirms Srinath. In this view, Spigot aims on the window of special opportunity to target the Small & Medium Hospitals and envisions to become influential leaders in the HIS space in South India. Moving ahead to bring deeper transformation in the healthcare sector, Spigot plans to add many more new modules in the HIS space with increased support for mobile users, cloud users and clinical modules.