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Stelae Technologies: Using Artificial Intelligence to Transform Data into Intelligent Content


The volume of information within enterprises continues to grow causing discrepancy in management and retrieval of data. Transformation of data into intelligent content is currently a manual or semi automated process. Stelae Technologies, offers cloud based and on premise (for the Aerospace and Defence sector) software, Khemeia, to curtail the possible challenges such as time consumption and errors in data transformation as well as automation.“By automating the entire transformation work-flow, Khemeia significantly reduces lead times in processing. For typical cases like a 20 page case law document can be processed by Khemeia in 5 minutes, when compared to a 36 hour turn-around time for a manual process.”, says, CEO and Founder of Stelae Technologies, Aruna Schwarz.

Khemeia has combined multiple analytic methodologies into one product. It helps to multiply the value of the content, archive and retrieves information easily, therefore, knit information together and makes it interactive. The software automates the entire content transformation workflow -metadata extraction, content structuring, style information and converts unstructured content to structured, searchable and indexable information. Khemeia™ is currently deployed in the Aerospace & Defence sector, Legal content (case law, regulatory and statutory content) and in the Financial (company accounts) sectors with customers like Rolls RoyceAerospace in the UK, Lexis Nexis and Deutsche Bank. Stelae Technologies addresses contemporary challenges of documenting system like reusing of data by semantically tagging information. Unlike standard XML tagging, Khemeia structures the data favoring the untrammeled search limits. For example of case law, this technology will extract information such as name of the judge, verdict, link footnotes to legislation and other minute details, convert these to formats according to customer needs and take it to content management, categorization and content mining solutions. Next time the user can search in a precise manner as in, ‘name of the judge in the courts of a particular State who made successful verdict in a particular case’. Likewise, Khemeia™ extracts intelligence from ‘flat’ or seemingly unstructured data and hones for repurpose.

Benefits of Khemeia

Spaces like Defense sector or catalogs for vehicles, heavy machineries, where there is large amount of technical documentation, mainly paper based or else they are in proprietary editorial systems. For instance, in a purchase of an aircraft with multiple OEM, multiple ports, engines and motors detailed catalogs are produced by different vendors, from different countries pertaining to different standards. Therefore, it is tough to find interoperability among documents. At this stage a new standard, S1000d emerged. Again, to get a grip of information reeling under these circumstances, customers have to break the standards of technical documentation which can make the document interoperable, reusable and interactive. Henceforth, they forward it to an editorial system in paper or a flat document. This process is dilatory and information, in most cases, cannot be outsourced because of its classified and sensitive nature. Stelae Technologies offer its software base to take up this challenge and beats the decomplex structure. Pagination, numbering images and respective captions as well as descriptions, other prominent information such as warnings, cautions, notes etc is also taken care of. Once the information is abstracted and structured, the image is linked with the tagline and image is one click away of its description. This is a new way to view information in print or online. In the case of a magazine consisting of multiple PDF pages; Khemeia segments the data by article, recognizing the beginning and end,within the article segments further, for example, into title, sub-title, author, date, etc. – this segmentation handles photo credits and text boxes. In short, the software parts the information input in to different chunks of content which is called as data module. Later, data modules are automatically inserted to the content management system which makes navigation simpler.

Pool of Innovation

Stelae Technologies is the winner of the IBM Global Entrepreneur program for India and Asia Pacific. The company will be representing the region at the IBM SmartCamp Global Finals in InterConnecton 23February, 2015 at Las Vegas, Nevada in MGM Grand. Stelae Technologies is set forth to explore ways to recognize new patterns and content sets. At present, the software works on all European languages (languages that are written from left to right) and the team look forward to break languageboundaries. “We are looking at adapting all our complex algorithms to create one simple extraction structure which could be the gateway to storage systems like Dropbox.” adds Aruna. Stelae Technologies has strong team based in Bangalore, London and they have key customers in Europe, US as well as India, which clearly shows their capability to take it global.