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Sunfra Technologies: Helping Establish a Quality Online Presence


An ideal software testing provider is expected to have industry specific expertise so that it can foresee the opportunities, failures and needs for improvement during the testing. In addition, enterprises expect that a software testing vendor deliver better testing service and solutions in less time without compromising the return of investments.

Bangalore based Sunfra Technologies is well positioned to deliver various software testing services within speculated time and to heterogeneous industries. The company provides software testing service to BFSI, Media, Entertainment, Embedded, Datacom and systems, Telecom, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, eLearning, e commerce and among others. Major software testing services encompass website testing, mobile testing, automation testing and performance testing service. Prasad Panati, Founder and CEO of Sunfra Technologies boasts of his team which is equipped with creative and qualified manual, automation and database testers along with web designers and innovative programmers.

“Sunfra is equipped with people who meet the most required qualities of a Tester and those include qualified manual, automation and database testers. We make sure that in each particular project, we deploy the right person in place,” shares Prasad. He further adds that apart from leveraging their skilled experts, Sunfra Technologies is equipped with the latest software and tools available in the market. “Our other differentiating factors would be the ROI for the clients, the value they get to their product and the level of efficiency achieved in less time,” unveils Prasad. Since its inception in 2009, this Bangalore based software testing company has been continuously working on new technologies which have enabled Sunfra Technologies to be an expert in providing Web Testing, Mobile Testing, Automation Testing and Performance Testing service.

Prasad shares that Sunfra’s web testing services are used by numerous growing companies to make sure their sites function properly. “For providing web testing service we make use of the Cloud which helps in serving from anywhere and anytime. And by the way we train our resources, it helps them to test any application easily and without any dependencies,” adds Prasad. For mobile testing service, Sunfra Technologies follows the 80:20 rule, which ensures 80 percent of mostly used areas in an Application are verified within 20 percent of the time. “By implementing 80:20 rule, the response time to raise anything critical is less and hence it gives an easy insight into App’s quality,” points out the CEO. In addition, the company has completed numerous Test Automation projects and offers automated testing services that can help projects at various stages. “Freeware tools for automation service give a lot of scope to enhance easily with the trends. In this way, we ensure that we keep trying the new tools in the market with an aim to enhance our automation process,” adds Prasad.

In the near future, his team aims to expand its wings in the other areas of testing services like Performance and Security testing. “The future is for those who deliver highly competitive Innovative Quality Products as well as truly affordable commercial benefits. With this regard, Sunfra is upbeat about the future of Indian services industry and is well positioned to render its Techno-Commercial Services by ensuring “Value for Money”,” signs off Prasad.