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Sureline Systems: On-site and off-site Disaster Recovery made easy with Hybrid and Elastic Cloud


Digital assets are a pivotal piece of today’s business operations, and without the continuous availability of these digital assets, businesses will fail within a short period of time. For large global enterprises, downtime of their mission critical digital assets can cost millions of dollars per hour and mean the loss of credibility and customer loyalty. Traditional methods to keep digital assets available are incredibly expensive, complex, and require extensive human resources. As a result, Fortune 500 companies generally use a BCDR solution only for their mission critical data. This practice leaves much of their other critical data exposed. Addressing these challenges, Sureline Systems, headquartered in Santa Clara, California offers Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution to support large-scale banking, retail, and insurance and automotive supply-chain operations. Incepted in the year 2010, Sureline offers SUREedge®, based upon the latest technologies in server virtualization, cloud storage, remote replication, data deduplication, and military grade encryption.“By developing the best aspects of different disaster recovery technologies into one management system, SUREedge® has eliminateed many of the complexities typically associated with BCDR, and with them much of the cost,” says Ravi Goyal,Co-Founder, President & CEO Sureline Systems. SUREedge ® helps in retrieval of a lost file, or a failed server, or even a whole failed data center site.

There are solutions that protect physical servers, others that protect virtual servers, and a very few that protect Cloud-based virtual servers. IT departments want is a solution that protect both physical and virtual servers – whether they are on premise or in the Cloud- private, public or hybrid. SUREedge protects locally and remotely- physical and virtual servers and provides all of the features that a modern data center needs to ensure business continuity and enterprise class disaster recovery. “There are three primary functions that SUREedge provides: the ability to perform local backups and restores, replicate a copy of the recovery points to a remote site for safety, and auto failover to a local or remote disaster recovery site to ensure business continuity”, says Ravi.

A complete business continuity solution needs to reliably backup and recover data, deduplicate, encrypt and secure it, replicate it to multiple locations and clouds, optimize WANs for transfer, and return data from a remote location back to production servers. SUREedge® addresses all of these aspects as a single solution by providing end-to-end BCDR for anyone who can’t afford downtime. Furthermore, SUREedge® protects physical and virtual machines, and entire IT infrastructures. “No agents are deployed into protected systems, so there are no issues with compatibility or slowed system performance”, adds Ravi.

With a vision to offer Cloud migration and Cloud elasticity in Hybrid Cloud environment, SUREedge focuses on easy transition of applications to remote site in case there is a dearth of resources in data centers. “Recently, Sureline has released it’s SUREedge Appliance as a SaaS product that can be sold as a SW only solution and work on any customer HW with any virtual OS and supports any Cloud- Private or Public”, concludes Ravi.