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Talentpool: Accelerating Recruitment and Delivering Higher Throughput to Enterprises


Recruitment has always been a challenge due to inadequacy in various recruiting solutions to meet the requirements of Indian organizations. The traditional recruitment processes are time-consuming and fail to keep the exact track of potential candidates which result in compromising on the quality of the newly hired candidates.

Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, Talentpool is a recruitment software that streamlines and tracks applicants through the complete hiring process, thus helping recruitment teams succeed. “Designed after a thorough market analysis, Talentpool was a result of our research and finding that there is no Indian recruitment solution for companies in India”, says Ashish Turkane, CEO of Talentpool. The company’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it was built primarily for the recruiters to ease the manual process of recruitment. “With the ability to configure around 90 percent of the solution as per the organization’s need, Talentpool can be adopted by any business from any vertical”, adds Ashish.

Talentpool claims to stand out from its competitors in three different ways, with the offering of “Best of Breed” software being one of them. With singular focus on recruitment, Talentpool makes hiring easy and organized for all stakeholders,especially for the recruiters. Unlike other enterprise recruitment solutions, Talentpool was built with the front-end users in mind. Furthermore, “Easy to Adopt” and “Integration Ready Interface” of Talentpool are other two factors to differentiate the software from its peers. Talentpool offers flexible pricing and deployment options for its customers. The software’s on-demand service has been designed in a way that enterprises need not invest in any additional infrastructure, but can avail the entire application at a minimum subscription fee. Customers have all the flexibility to choose the payment model as per their requirement and use. Talentpool gets implemented within a short time period and delivers higher throughput to the companies thus helping the companies reduce its capital expenditure.

Talentpool is looking forward to become every enterprise’s first choice. The company intends to be the software for all the enterprises who strive to make the recruitment process time and cost-saving, thus eliminating all the recruitment troubles. Talentpool plans to strengthen the channel partner network in the next two years that would help the company reach out to enterprises and their smaller entities across the country.

Success Story of Talentpool

Xoriant, a product development, engineering and consulting services company faced the challenges of lack of visibility in recruitment process and lack of database. They chose Talentpool to get a single recruitment platform for a globally distributed company like theirs, which made the standard hiring process a lot easier. The platform not only enabled Xoriant a bird’s eye view of the recruitment team’s work, but also provided the status of the user’s position as soon as they logged in. Furthermore, Talentpool administered recruitment processes with interview schedulers, SMS alerts for the recruiters, candidate feedback reminders and many others. In this manner, Talentpool facilitated Xoriant with an efficient and an informative decision-making solution.