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Tasktel Technologees: Reforming Communication Platforms with UCaaS


There can be no doubt that the pace of technological developments and change within the communications world has accelerated in recent times with internet conquering myriad of business opportunities and threats at the same time. Unified communications as a service (UcaaS) is a fast breeding market and have garnered the attention of various enterprises and developers. It is a highly competitive era and every enterprise is incisive in finding a better way to cut down cost and expand the business. Enterprises make every effort to implement strategies to reduce team meetings and multi-party desktop video conferencing. Today, a wide-ranging pack of unified communications enables virtual team to collaborate seamlessly from anywhere. Keeping all the tabs on, Tasktel Technologees, now being a strategic partner of Unify enterprise is a provider of IT consulting services and UC solutions to companies of various sizes.

Companies today forge ahead towards the right technology which can transform their business. Tasktel’s UC solutions collaborates various networks, devices, applications into a single platform and thus enable a common user experience which can aid in slimming down the IT costs, travel expenses and invalidate business latency.

“Additionally, this portfolio integrates seamlessly with other business applications and social media tools for better collaboration and quick response among the employees,” says Suresh N.R, Director at Tasktel Technologees Pvt Ltd.

Establishing a coherent solution which can be accessed by organization of every size has been an important challenge to deal with. Tasktel has succeeded in building a noble reputation among of its existing customers by tracking the customer’s requirements and catering consultancy based customer centric approach to identify the right solution for them.

Often it’s the little things that create a huge difference and Tasktel believes in understanding customer’s requirement by analyzing their Telco bills and then makes an effort to contrive a solution which can trim down their telecommunication costs. “This approach reduces the number of vendors these companies need to interact saving their time and in case of any issues Tasktel will coordinate with these vendors to sort things out in lesser time frame. Companies can have peace of mind and can concentrate on their key line of business. This differentiates us from the rest of the “box selling crowd,” adds Suresh.

Future Roadmap
Tasktel expects to cut the mustard in operational excellence and indulge in solving communication issues of Enterprises of every size. “We want to make UC affordable to our end customer and cloud based offering is the only way to commoditize UC. Our roadmap is to very much align to this,” says Suresh N.R. Embarking upon unified communication, Tasktel relentlessly thrives to team up with technology and change the way people work and live.