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TechnoLabs - Leveraging Mobility Solutions for Sustainable Business Growth


Today, the ability to move and remain fully connected is the paramount concern in a corporate world. The employee must have a pervasive connection with his/her office no matter where the employee resides geographically and productivity should not be compromised at any cost simply because the employee is not physically present in the corporate office. The quintessence to mobility is in making the remote system as easy to use as the corporate network, with the ability to support more than just the traditional data remotely within a reasonable price bracket. Considering all aspects of technology, TechnoLabs uncovered the facets of cloud while putting Enterprise mobility solutions into operations. TechnoLabs began its expedition in the year 2010 and has been hitting the high note by embracing enterprise mobility solutions with a strategy to bring down the TCO at the same time. The insightful mind behind this venture believes in swimming against the tide to connect customer’s trust and quality at one fell swoop. The challenges were the teething troubles which are common to every startup. With an extensive research on how to build a business data management platform and keep the customers happy; TechnoLabs relies on the concept of counting its customers only when they smile and not before and harbors a team of fervent and hardworking professionals who believe in “Power of We”.
The driving force behind TechnoLabs is Siva Pothuluru with extensive experience in the IT industry; he was closely involved with a start-up company as a co-founder. “Innovation and technology superiority is the key. As long as we are able to build the products and solutions that are qualitatively better, we can always buy customer’s loyalty,” says Siva Pothuluru, Director and Founder at TechnoLabs. Today, TechnoLabs leverage mobility advancement solutions and defines mobile as a platform to manage business data and documents, and expects to bring the cost of innovation to affordable levels on emerging technologies like mobility. Understanding the challenges underlying in Mobile technology, Siva along with his vibrant team work relentlessly to renovate and bring in hi-tech technologies and tools to the customers from time to time.

Infusing the Right Solution

The widespread adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise has unleashed productivity gains and cost savings that couldn't have been envisaged only a few years ago. In today’s world, migration to a mobile environment possess significant IT challenges. Organizations are facing mobility challenges on the fly as there is an absence of correct deployment strategy. A company's mobility strategy needs to begin with a crisp definition of the business goals and purposes .Keeping all the tabs on; TechnoLabs’ functional expertise on to the customer’s table can be visible with its solutions based on latest technology. Their enriched pack of solutions MobiDocs and DocStation are intended to make mobiles a common platform to digitize, author, approve and publish the business documents simultaneously. Furthermore, DocStation exempts the need of two products to manage both documents and data. These solutions do not call for huge maintenance cost instead help in bringing down the TCO. TechnoLabs also harbors mobility solution (Omni Retailer) to run retail business. Moreover, hardware has no role to play to access Omni Retailer as mobile can be used to scan the barcode, take electronic payments and process billing and sends it to the customer as an email or SMS.

The Growth Curve

Enterprises can scale their business only when they have the right solution in their armory. Inspired by its own growth, TechnoLabs team today has envisioned exploring the myriad of capabilities in mobile technology and delivering it across various industries including core manufacturing. “The best way to realize your vision is make internal adjustments rather than looking for outside support and mentoring. The inner engineering can make the difference and gain speed/energy when you take responsibility on to your shoulders,” articulates Siva Pothuluru.

Future Road Map

The success of TechnoLabs in 2013 can be chalked down to the feedbacks and responses pouring out from its products. The mCommerce solution and mobile based attendance system that uses camera for finger print verification garnered the attention of the customers from UK. More importantly, TechnoLabs which started out as Software Company can today create IT assets to meet the demanding needs of global enterprises. Moving forward with an outlook to deploy mobile solutions that can grow as per customer’s requirement, TechnoLabs will continue growing its footprint in the field of enterprise mobility solutions. Driven by innovation, this four year old start up doesn’t want to be confined within mobility but soon will be seen dealing with specialized embedded systems.