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TransOrg Analytics: Demystifying Unstructured Data to form Fact Based Patterns and deliver ROI


Predictive analytics is not new, but has now become familiar and affordable for enterprises in building marketing programs, identifying risks and making fact-based decisions. Enterprises have understood that proactive customer engagement, security, fraud detection and risk management are the areas which are needed to be dealt with. While IT vendors try to offer data analytics solutions they sometimes fail to achieve desired results due to inadequate and inaccurate data capture. Moreover, enterprises also look at this aspect as a discretionary spend; ultimately CIOs have to take the responsibility to sell merits of predictive analytics within their organization.

Gurgoan based TransOrg Analytics is well equipped to help businesses in implementing analytics and big data programs. TransOrg uses data collected from social media, shopping transactions, telephonic interactions and websites to anticipate customer behaviors. Using out of the box predictive analytics tools and open source technologies, TransOrg helps its clients in achieving desired results with a superior ROI. “We have helped organizations in predicting customer cross-sell, attrition, risks and frauds. Our experience of working with varied problems across industries has helped us in quick implementation of analytics programs - in a matter of days rather than weeks and months,” says Naveen Jain, CEO of TransOrg Analytics.

Targeting Customers Through Predictive Analytics
Businesses have been relying on structured data obtained from data tables and excel sheets. Nowadays, enterprises want to use data for predicting patterns, anticipating risks, identifying anomalies, forecasting revenues and understanding behaviors of customers in advance. Hence, with the advent of predictive analytics, unstructured data such as tweets, facebook, text, survey, blogs and even telephonic calls have become a major source of information to predict customer behaviours. Following the rapid expansion of unstructured data, TransOrg is leveraging it to convert it into useful insights.

Work Methodology
TransOrg Analytics assist clients in targeting campaigns and proactive customer engagement. They have developed industry centric products and services to solve issues which are specific to an industry.

TransOrg provides analytics across the customer lifecycle from customer acquisition to engagement and retention. Analytics helps clients to run successful customer acquisition and engagement campaigns by leveraging external and internal data. “Our creative use of open source and big data technologies has helped us develop flexible solutions which can process vast amounts of data and provide insights in real time,” says Naveen Jain. Using open source and big data technologies, TransOrg has been helping its clients across verticals to run analytics driven real time customer engagement and marketing campaigns.

Profitable Offers
Data collected from past buying behaviors, web site and social media interactions are used to understand different customer segments. This helps clients in developing targeted offers and campaigns. Companies use analytics driven insights to engage customers in each and every interaction with them.“Most of our clients have witnessed an increase in campaign response rates anywhere from 20 percent to 50 percent”, Naveen adds.

Hence, utilizing its deep expertise & experience in Big Data and Predictive Analytics, TransOrg provides industry centric analytics services and products driven by deep domain knowledge. Their data scientists accurately anticipate churn of telecom subscribers in advance, deliver real time content classification based on text analytics, help in chronic disease management in healthcare, cross-sell financial products, understand customer sentiments on social media and drive retargeting if the customer does not complete an online transaction. TransOrg’s solutions have delivered guaranteed results within agreed service levels and budgets.

Future Blueprint
TransOrg continues to assimilate structured and unstructured data to create real time 360 degree view of customers. The company has its operations in India, Americas and the Middle East, and is expanding in other international markets. “With the exponential growth of data we anticipate a huge opportunity in the near future,” concludes Naveen.

TransOrg Promises to:
• Provide industry centric analytics services and products
• Build solutions driven by deep domain knowledge
• Deliver Real time analytics
• Build a 360? customer view with the help of seamless integration of transactions, web, social media and external data.
• Deliver solutions based on creative use of open source and big data technologies
• Demonstrate guaranteed outcomes within agreed service levels and budgets
• Deliver effective campaign ROIs

Company Highlights
In one of TransOrg’s analysis, the team was looking to identify the impact of a churned customer in a social network. It was found that in this complicated network of interconnections, behavior of one customer is also affected by another. Whether it’s purchasing a product or availing services, the suggestions of a particular customer to another can either benefit the company or harm the reputation. Using predictive analysis, TransOrg was able to anticipate which customer will make significant number of customers churn with them.