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Ugam Solutions: Converting Retail Analytics into Actionable Insights


Ugam is a global leader in managed analytics that combines a proprietary big data platform with a knowledgeable global team of experts to deliver actionable insights that impact their clients’ businesses. “Clients trust Ugam not only for their deep domain expertise, end-to-end service and technological innovation, but because they deliver unmatched customer experience and specific results”, says CEO Sunil Mirani.

• Ugam provides pricing intelligence and optimization, category assortment intelligence, and content optimization that enables retailers to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

• Ugam helps brands monitor their competitors and their channel partners to protect the value of the brand and improve business performance.

• Ugam provides data collection and analysis operations services and program management that enable market research firms to focus on providing deeper insights to their own clients.

Retailers are constantly seeking knowledge about what products to offer, how much to charge for them and how to describe them. Ugam’s solutions enable retailers make informed decisions about everything from pricing to assortment and product descriptions.

• Ugam’s price monitoring helps online or store-based retailers ensure that their products are comparably priced to their competitors.

• Ugam’s dynamic pricing enables retailers to rapidly adjust their prices in response to competitors’ price changes, as well as internal factors such as fluctuating inventory levels and profit margins.

• Ugam’s assortment intelligence helps retailers uncover likely best sellers and identify gaps in their product offerings in order to inform decisions about what to carry, keep, and drop.

• Ugam’s size distribution and prepack analysis helps apparel retailers determine the right sizes to carry to reduce stock-outs and markdowns.

• Ugam’s product content intelligence helps retailers assess and adjust their product content to enhance the consumer experience and increase conversion rates.

Brands are facing the challenge of understanding what their competitors are offering and at what price, as well as monitoring the prices at which their channel partners are selling their goods. Ugam is helping brands by monitoring their competitors’ offerings as well as sales in the channel.

• Ugam provides visibility into online channel pricing supported by suitable analytics to help brands better understand and act on pricing decisions.

• Ugam provides competitive monitoring for brands to stay apprised of their competitors’ product portfolios and prices.

Research firms are increasingly focusing on providing insights to their clients, but it’s becoming challenging for them to run their data collection and analysis operations on a global scale. Ugam’s managed services provide operational and process expertise that helps these firms move past these challenges and focus on creating value for their customers.

• Ugam provides market research firms with operations, infrastructure transition, data warehousing, global program management, mobile solutions and custom panel solutions.

Because of its deep retail and market research domain knowledge and the quality of its insights, nine of the top 25 Internet retailers and 12 of the top 25 market research firms trust Ugam to deliver the advice and services they need to gain a competitive advantage.