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CIO Review >> Magazine >> March - 2014 issue

Valency Networks: Underlining the Importance of Cyber Security


The proliferation of cyber attacks over the past decade has disseminated awareness among enterprises and government organizations, of the dangers exposed to them through under-protected networks or from individual negligence. With the growth of internet, cyber attacks today represent a borderless challenge to CIOs, who must now find solutions that are successful within the entire cyber domain rather than a specific tangible location. Valency Networks, headquartered in Pune, underlines the importance of Cyber Security and through its solutions, fills the technical and business improvement gaps for professional cyber security and IT infrastructure management services. "When it comes to budgeting and strategizing, the CIOs need to be agile and give importance to security." says Prashant Phatak, Director, Valency Networks.

With a team of system administrators and certified ethical hackers, Valency Networks provides services that form solutions with products falling under critical network components like firewall and intrusion protection devices. The company mainly provides network vulnerability assessment penetration testing (VAPT); website and product vulnerability assessment penetration testing; and IT audits. To counter the exploiting situation created by the structure of internal corporate LAN/WAN environments,the organization uses a methodical approach with which it first educates the client about the real need of VAPT and then uses its ‘knowledge-based and experience based’ hacking tools and methodologies to penetrate into client’s network and put forth a visualization of the problem in the form of vulnerability assessment report. With subject matter expertise, the company provides consultancy for plugging the security holes and taking necessary measures to ensure network security.

When it comes to securing a product like mobile application or website modeled on a cloud base, some enterprises are coming up with anti-virus appliances, firewalls or intrusion detection. These products once created ask for a second opinion which the company provides by penetrating and performing vulnerability assessment of the product. In addition, Valency Networks conducts network security audit making the client’s IT network infrastructure stable, scalable and secure. Being a consulting partner of Qualys - a cloud security provider, the company does research on all the latest vulnerabilities through its research team and helps partners incorporate those in their products. The security services firm also carries out its own research and develops security tools to address problems like sequel injection.

In a time when its competitors are purely reliant on tools, Valency Networks unveils the manual tactics of real life hackers by undertaking thorough penetration tests with a particular set of methodologies which it declares as its intellectual property. With such differentiating factors, the company plans to expand its global presence by opening an office in Dubai. Considering the high requirement of cyber security in SCADA based automation industry, Valency Networks hopes to exploit its extensive expertise to secure networks of organizations in the domain.