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Vitamap Software Solutions: Empowering Field Force with mobility


Regardless of the industry, field workers have to confront many challenges at the job site. Workers on field lack access to data networks in the office. In addition, lack of access to technical resources, customer data, stock availability and route scheduling create gaps between the business opportunities and the customers. Field operations carry high stakes in critical operations such as break-fixes and alarm management. Also, critical customer touch points such as delivery, sales, preventive maintenance, and site inspections are areas that can prove to be costly errors that impact business.

Organizations depend on field force to generate new revenue opportunities, and to turn these opportunities profitable, they are embracing mobility. While there are a few options in the market, there is a serious dearth of scalable, affordable, simple to use and customizable mobility solutions. Vitamap, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka provides mobility solutions in this space. Regardless of the size of field force, enterprises are able to quickly deploy their field service mobility solution. A pioneer in developing field force technology, Vitamap has developed mEdge (Field Service Mobility Platform) and Cloudtrac (hosted Cloud Platform) which provides real-time visibility into field service operations to improve overall field operations. “Vitamap is a pioneer in developing field force solution. We strive to bring the right information at the right time to the mobile worker”, says Guru Anand KC, CEO at Vitamap.

Driving Efficiency up and Cost down with “Field Force Solutions”

Without a real time connection to the back end office, field workers collect information of various transactions and report on their assigned tasks at a later point in time, leading to information gaps in the system. Additionally, there is a time lag between the information gathered in field and processed finally in the office. There is a tremendous impact on the efficiency on the health of the businesses as the customers confront dissatisfaction owing to late updates on their requests and delivery. A field service report by Aberdeen suggests that organisations that use a mobility solution have 4.7 times higher first-time fix and 49% of leading organisations integrate data in real time. Another study by Forrester explains mobile enabled worker drives 54% quicker resolution while another 33% create new service capabilities. mEdge fosters seamless routing of information between the field force and the back office which helps enterprises to connect with the field with real time data flow. The field engineers can key in the details of the type of service and replacement offered to the customer from their mobiles from any location eliminating the need for costly return trips to the office to complete the job.

Delays on the field result in slower customer service, higher cost and loss of profitability. Vitamap has promoted real time access to spare parts consumption and stocking by technicians in the field. The field worker is able to check availability, update requirement/usage of parts at the push of a button fostering a sound inventory management practice. In addition, the management gets complete access to customer repair history, enabling them to update and resolve customer requests at a faster pace. On the other hand, at the job site, the field worker captures and transmits the electronic signatures of the customers to validate proof of their service and expedite the billing with on-the-spot invoice with the mobile and Bluetooth printer. “Vitamap is committed to be a technology partner across the eco-system, creating systems that work seamlessly with payment providers, printing devices etc.”, adds Guru. This in turn results in substantially reducing administrative and staffing requirements owing to the elimination of paper and data entry.

Envisioning a boost to Productivity and Customer Relations

The company has been declared as one of the winners of NASSCOM Emerge 50 in the year 2014. The awards are characterized by a mixture of burgeoning success stories and promising start-ups that are coming up with exciting new solutions. In addition, Vitamap was able to position itself in the top 30 list at a B2B products camp event conducted by IBM. The aim of the Smart Camp was to identify the best startups in different cities around India, reward them with the mentoring services, access to industry experts and deeper partnership opportunities with IBM. “We constantly focus on improving scalability, user friendliness and performance”, quotes Guru. Vitamap also envisions great fit for field service mobility with the wearables like Google Glass and Watch to propel them further in the years to come. With these industry validations and a proven track record in the Asian markets, Vitamap is all set to extend into the international markets at Europe and North America.