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Zero-Sum Wireless Solutions India Pvt. Ltd: Spearheading Mobile Application Testing for Indian Entrepreneurs


The rapid development and usage of mobile applications has disclosed various business avenues for organizations. Robust testing of these applications is crucial and inevitable before they release to the market. In order to prevent the loss of revenue or brand reputation and to increase customer satisfaction, large organizations ensure that their applications meet very high quality by running them through several rounds of testing through their dedicated in-house testing teams. However mid-sized and small enterprises have cost concerns in establishing dedicated testing teams as their testing requirements are ad-hoc, rendering it very costly to maintain dedicated testing teams.

Founded in 2007, Japan headquartered Zero-Sum Wireless Solutions India Pvt Ltd with its Indian operations based out of Bangalore, has made perceptible entry into mobile application testing market to aid mid-sized and small enterprises. The company specializes in mobile application testing service and primarily focuses on device testing for mobile applications and mobile sites. It has a well-equipped and constantly updated test lab with over 400 mobile devices. Its Mobile Application based testing services enable its clients to test across the increasing array of screen sizes, mobile operating systems and OS versions. Zero-Sum itself is engaged in designing and launching of natively developed applications and services in the mobile technology realm and has leveraged this expertise in creating a testing service that understands the needs of developers. Zero-Sum has developed and launched products across digital entertainment, Telematics, location and navigation based services, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Telecom Carriers and Handset OEM’s (Original equipment manufacturer) etc. Zero-Sum’s applications have been deployed across various platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Even before the first app was ever created, Zero-Sumhad been an active player in the mobile content business. Thereby, it understands in dispensible individual testing needs of each organization whether they are Mobile carriers, Enterprise Solution providers, Application stores, Content providers, Handset manufacturers, Publishers or any organization with a mobile presence. Zero-Sum’s testing services for mobile applications include Functional Testing, UI or Interface testing, Usability testing, Performance testing, Compatibility Testing, Interrupt Testing, Content Testing and Regression Testing. Its testing services focus on deployment readiness for applications. Therefore, Zero-Sum ensures that the application has a competitive edge in the market by delivering functional assurance, better quality and enhanced performance while delivering higher cost savings on the testing efforts. Its testing experts endeavour to ensure the highest level of user experience and quality. When it comes to field testing, applications that are uniquely location specific or as required by LBS and Telematics enterprises, Zero-Sum has undertaken field testing across multiple locations in India to ascertain any location dependencies and through private VPN’s wherever possible.

Zero-Sum offers on site testing with its trained testing personnel to fulfill enterprises’ testing requirements. The company provides an option of a unique development based testing wherein their team tests each module as they are being developed. This is quite helpful for developers who are on tight timelines as they do not need to wait for the completion of the entire testing cycle for bug reporting. Bug reporting is done in real time, enabling them to fix each issue as it is reported. Zero-Sum envisages to soon provide tools that ensure the product is always stable. In addition, the company plans to employ automation tools that can help developers to constantly test their changes and resources for low cost services with improved quality.

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