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*astTECS: Leveraging Open Source Technology to Simplify Communication


The application of open source technology in call center realm is increasingly enticing enterprises for a sustainable business growth. This bandwagon of open source technology has gifted many cost effective solutions to the call centre market. Leveraging the entire benefits of open source technology, Bangalore headquartered telecom centric enterprise, *astTECS specializes in the sale, lease or renting of Mobile or VOIP Gateways. *astTECS is a complete call center solution provider that offers open source asterisk solutions. The company has a colossal range of call center solutions including IP PBX (Internet Protocol-Private Branch Exchange), IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System, Video Conference Solution and Call Center Dialer etc. Being an ISO 9001:2008 company, *astTECS is a mainstay to fulfil entire gamut of communication requirements of an enterprise. In addition, it offers an excellent open source product known as VICIDIAL for contact centers, which is the most installed product world-wide. The company has deployed innovative solutions for reputed organizations like Dell, Airtel, Vodafone, TATA, Sobha Developers, Purvankara, Aratt etc.

*astTECS is one of the foremost providers of open source call centre solutions in India. Its IVR Solution plays a significant role to improve customer service, reduce costs, and expand call center operations of its customers. The asterisk IVR is very powerful as it has flexibility to create multiple sub-levels, digit collection, database and web service integration and speech recognition. The IVR integrates seamlessly with the other applications like call center dialer, IP PBX, CRM, ERP etc. and creates unparalleled business opportunities. Today *astTECS’ PBX is proving to be more effective than the traditional PBXs by means of its wireless infrastructure. It has GSM integration capabilities and offers feature like IVR, Call Center Dialer, Predictive Dialer or ACD, Voice logger, multiparty conference and voice mail. Additionally, its solution comes at a very competitive price to traditional IP PBX Vendors. When it comes to Video Conference solution, it offers a rental and buyout solution. It is a user friendly solution with advance features that come at an affordable price. The solution helps its clients to connect and collaborate with their remote offices while reducing their cost and increasing their productivity.

Founded in 2010, *astTECS has a proven track record with world class in-house 24/7 support center. Its product range caters to small and medium call center operations to enterprise wide applications. Aiming to be a kernel in the asterisk ecosystem, it focuses on developing and popularizing Asterisk with affordable communications solutions. It has strong partner network across the country and important Global cities. “Currently we have a few channels in major cities and we look forward to appoint a series of resellers in all the B and C class cities. The company looks out for channel partners who are aggressive with excellent technical background and strong market presence in the upmarket cities of the country”, concludes Dr. Devasia Kurian, Managing Director and CTO.