December - 2016 Issue

Cover Feature
With the advent of IoT, the dream for a connected world seems not too far. IoT has been deemed as the next industrial revolution. What is your opinion in this regard? Absolutely! The IoT has been rightly termed as the next industrial revolution. The way in which businesses, governments and... more>>

In My Opinion

The development of smart cities is going to become important in the coming years as urbanisation puts increased pressure on the... more>>

2O Most Promising Embedded Technology Solution Providers 2016

Embedded technology has ingratiated itself as an intrinsic part of our lives - starting from mobile phones to washing machines to... more>>
Embedded system market size is expected to reach USD 18.61 billion by 2023, growing at 5.6 percent during the next six years as per... more>>

CIO Insights

The Catalyst In our business, technology plays a significant role of connecting our customers (millions of them) to us and offering a... more>>
With the ongoing and accelerating changes in the technologies available to your (and your competitors’) business, it is certainly an... more>>
Government and industry alike invest heavily in massive computer systems to satisfy the insatiable demand for compute power of today’s... more>>
The promise of cost reductions and economies of scale achieved through virtualization has lured many technology leaders into a morass... more>>

CXO Insights

The digital challenge with marketers today Today, many organizations flounder in their Digital Transformation efforts not because they... more>>
With the disruptive innovation, monetization and the competitive advantage data and analytics have brought to businesses in the last... more>>
The great work your teams are putting out is what will help move your business forward. If you’re part of a growing company, then... more>>
The digitalization journey that started its journey from the electronic thing has taken a faster pace to autonomous thing. Evolvement of... more>>
We’re ten years into the “devops + microservices” era. As I’ve consulted with companies in transformation, I've seen common... more>>

On The Deck

CXO Insights

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in...

By Ravi Bhushan, Group Chief Product and Technology Officer,, and

Next-Generation Data Warehouses

By Gautam Gupta, Vice President Enterprise Solutions, Yash Technologies

Budget 2015: Will it have the 'Make in India'...

By Dharmesh Anjaria, Executive Director, Dynacons Technologies Limited