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July - 2014 Issue
Cover Story
Aleading US based Financial Services Company with around 900 branch locations in 25 states was facing a project management nightmare. Individuals weren’t clear about their deliverables. Managers were facing difficulties in planning and tracking more>>


There has been a prompt change in the ways companies manage and use data to draw out profit. more>>

20 Most Promising Governance, Risk and Compliance Companies

Enterprise governance, risk and compliance have become critical to business management today and to ensure compliance with the provisions... more>>
Enterprises today are seeking solutions for the challenges being posed by various regulations. Industries have been witnessing several... more>>
Enterprises applications and networks are becoming complex as they are continually expanding their horizon by integrating employees,... more>>
Over the years, customers from different industries have been trying to revamp the way they manage payroll services for their employees. more>>
IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance (IT GRC) are increasingly being recognized by organizations as a new approach to adopt integration of... more>>
Addressing and staying up-to-date on legislative and regulatory requirements is paramount to business continuity today. more>>

Company Spotlight

Healthcare organizations today are challenged with myriad of market trend specific changes to process highly integrated operations and... more>>
For enterprises today engaging in product development, product validation is the biggest roadblock as the process absorbs most of the... more>>

CEO ViewPoint

The public and the private clouds have gained momentum over the past few years and are becoming increasingly relevant. more>>
It is an undisputed fact that the prevalent ways of business communication are broken. There is no agreement on the respective solutions... more>>
Microsoft’s Blog and Twitter accounts Hacked’ ‘Skype’s Social Networking accounts Compromised’ ‘Yahoo email account... more>>
Enterprises’ massive transitions to cloud technologies have given a significant impact on the way technology is managed, purchased,... more>>

CIO Insights

India is today one of the top emerging markets in the global pharmaceutical market. The sector is highly knowledge based and its steady... more>>
In the last decade the Indian industry, which has been expeditiously evolving, has witnessed a paradigm shift from being highly... more>>
Healthcare IT is vibrant today and brings to bear an unparalleled potential to be truly transformative in its capability to take... more>>

CXO Viewpoint

One of the major trends driving growth in the enterprise IT market is engineered systems, also called converged infrastructure. more>>

Rural Tech

The rural society happens to be a tradition-bound community in which their traditions, cultures and religion play a strong role in... more>>


The structure and focus of sales has changed drastically over time. Having moved from an antiquated approach with a focus on pursuing... more>>

Expert View: Network Security

Today’s cyber-attacks and data breaches are more sophisticated than ever. Accidental data loss through employees has made it critical... more>>


Implementing a strong compliance program has always been an integral part to the success of companies operating in emerging markets such... more>>