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June - 2014 Issue
Cover Story
Every organization today wants to establish a strong relationship with its customers by identifying the actual needs of the customer to serve them in better way. more>>

50 Most Promising Big Data Companies

Large organizations have found huge benefits from mining and analyzing big data. However, these organizations may face challenges when... more>>
Big Data, which was much talked about a couple of years back, has become a reality for organizations today. more>>
When Bombay Stock Exchange (the seventh largest stock exchange in the world, in terms of market capitalization) wanted to ramp up its... more>>
With the Big Data revolution, need for data scientists are increasing on a daily basis. Along with this the need for business managers... more>>
It is a known fact that complexities in technology and a dearth of qualified data scientists form the considerable portion of the... more>>
Although the big data market is poised to reach close to $19 billion by end of 2014, the growth of skilled personnel and the growth of... more>>
After almost a decade of struggle, Banks and Financial services organizations have finally started deriving advantages out of Big Data... more>>
With the advent of mobility devices and the increasingly growing need to stay connected in fast life, big data is growing bigger and... more>>
Although the Big data phenomenon continues to rise, there is a huge dearth of data scientists to counter its growth. more>>
In today’s scenario, Data has moved on from the role of being collected for internal and regulatory compliance. Requirements have... more>>
Although big data has moved on from being a buzzword to being an integral part of every organizations business plans today, there is a... more>>
It is a well-known fact that today, Cloud BI and big data analytics have moved beyond the scope of operations for a normal enterprise IT... more>>
There is no doubt that Big Data, combined with agile analytics has become a serious challenge to established thinking in management... more>>
Efficiently leveraging data with respect to volume, velocity and variety is a significant challenge for today’s enterprises. more>>
In the current scenario, Big Data Solutions are being utilized in various domains like Retail, Networking, Advertisement, Banking and... more>>
In the space of big data today, many authoritative reports point to the fact that open source tools will gain ground in the coming 2-3... more>>
Most businesses today are not able to properly process big data because IT employees lack the relevant skills. This lack of skills... more>>
Many big data solution providers today offer broad business intelligence and technology platforms due to which enterprises are forced to... more>>
Ugam is a global leader in managed analytics that combines a proprietary big data platform with a knowledgeable global team of experts to... more>>
Insufficient technical and analytical know-how skills are the most imminent challenges when it comes to the use of big data today. more>>
Central Power, an electricity distribution company, was dealing with the challenge of processing data in near real time and providing... more>>

Company Spotlight

Digital information in India is estimated to grow from 40,000 petabytes of data to 2.3 million Petabytes, twice as fast as the worldwide... more>>


The IT sector is undergoing change, a positive one in the form of Cloud, looking for maximum performance with minimal effort. more>>

Expert View - Big Data

There is an unmistakable buzz in the air about Big Data, and it is similar, if not stronger than the dot com buzz. more>>

CIO Insights

According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, the internet usage on mobiles is pegged to reach 185 million by June 2014. more>>

Viewpoint - Hybrid Cloud

Meticulously designed to satisfy the needs of today’s IT professionals, open Hybrid cloud is not a product but a way of delivering an... more>>

CEO ViewPoint

Technology transfer in simple words means a process wherein owner of the technology transfers its skills, knowledge, and know-how to... more>>


Big Data has finally moved on from being that elusive technological entity to today slowly becoming a common part of enterprise business... more>>