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June - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
Every organization today wants to establish a strong relationship with its customers by identifying the actual needs of the customer to serve them in better way. more>>


Headquartered in California, Cisco hardware, software and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks... more>>

20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Companies 2015

Vivek Mannige, CEO of AccelTree Software, had envisioned that mobile phones will become an integral part of an organization’s business... more>>
In recent times, the approach to data has transformed from journals to mainframes to PCs to the cloud, creating a huge paradigm shift in... more>>
The expeditious proliferation of mobile devices, gadgets and solutions such as ERP, CRM, Big Data and Cloud are bringing growth in the... more>>
Today, mobile has become one of the most dominant conduits of telecommunication, helping businesses to interact, communicate and share... more>>
The enterprise mobility market is expected to grow from $71.93 billion in 2013 to $266.17 billion in 2019 at a CAGR of 25.2% during the... more>>
Safety and privacy still define enterprise mobile strategies in a time where the overall IT market is moving toward cloud based solutions. more>>
Interface Infosoft Solutions Pvt Ltd, or simply INTERFACE, is an expert in the field of Enterprise Mobility. This Pune based company has... more>>
On January 30th, nine students sustained injuries after their school bus toppled near a steep curve in Bangalore. The driver of the bus... more>>
We’re no longer in a world where the enterprise has a single production environment, ergo making the mobility domain more ambitious and... more>>
It is no secret that social media is playing a heavy role in revolutionizing the business landscape. A leading B2B IT firm who is... more>>
In a time when both customer as well as enterprise have gone mobile, there is a fundamental shakeup in every industry with advent of new... more>>
Gartner forecasts that by 2020, around 25 billion devices will be linked in contrast to 4.9 billion connections in 2015, owing to the... more>>
Every year employees inadvertently leave thousands of mobile devices, laptops containing confidential data in many public places that... more>>
As asserted by Forrester, enterprise mobility is the manifestation of a much broader shift to new systems of engagement. Mobility... more>>
Mobile Technology is changing the IT landscape at a faster pace than the Internet did a few years ago. Enterprises are gradually... more>>
Almost a decade ago, it was not even possible for us to even imagine of carrying out meetings and conversations anytime and from... more>>
As enterprises’ use of mobility becomes increasingly complex, the management of data stored in mobile devices becomes more difficult... more>>
By 2015, enterprise mobile workers are expected to be using almost 500 million mobile devices, driving demand for robust enterprise... more>>
A lot of publishers have been hosting their video content on various platforms, quite a few of them have now moved to hosting it on their... more>>
Pitching unique and innovative exposure across platforms, procuring a competitive edge in mobility realm and leveraging the existing data... more>>

CIO Insights

A few things that the smart CIO needs to look at to improve operational efficiency in managed services. more>>
Imagine a scenario where you want to travel overseas and you buy a SIM card for travel or a local SIM card upon landing. You have to... more>>
The growth of our businesses in the future depends on our ability to leverage technologies and apply them to address the changing market... more>>
When we look around, we can clearly see the journey covered by our businesses with IT over the last 3-4 decades. With a constantly... more>>

CXO Viewpoint

Big data analytics can be applied in supply chain to derive tangible benefits but sometimes what becomes prohibitive is our perception of... more>>


Well known Indian mortgage service provider Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Bank that now offers a wide range of banking... more>>


Enterprise Mobility is a reality today, be it either taking Skype conference calls on the move or like how one of my colleagues had to... more>>