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June - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
Bangalore based dWise Healthcare's foray into Healthcare IT started way back in 2010, with the passing of a legislation called “Meaningful Use of IT in more>>

In My Opinion

T he Internet of Things (IoT) is now firmly enmeshed in our lives. From fitness bands and Bluetooth enabled keys, to health monitoring... more>>

Product of the Month

Agfa-Gevaert, headquartered in Belgium with its India office in Mumbai, is one of the leading organizations in the market of digital... more>>

20 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers

Technological advancements are transforming the entire healthcare industry. The healthcare infrastructure is becoming digital and the... more>>
Users today are demanding better service levels from healthcare service providers that go beyond diagnosis and quality of care, to the... more>>
Healthcare industry is taking large steps towards digitization. From archiving mounds of paper based health records to going paperless,... more>>
The healthcare industry in India is growing at the rate of 12 percent every year and the diagnostic industry at the rate of 21 percent... more>>
From self-help apps on fitness and wellness to medical solutions for diagnosis, emergency care and treatment; the healthcare mobility... more>>
Rapidly changing healthcare industry is demanding improvement in the quality of patient care and reduction in overall costs of healthcare... more>>
The year ahead will be pivotal for healthcare technology from the perspective of patients, practitioners, medical researchers, and the IT... more>>
The success of digitalization has encouraged even healthcare service providers to look at digitalization as a means to enhance the... more>>
The evolving healthcare market has become more dynamic over the years with a gradual uphill of digitizing the paper based medical... more>>
According to a market survey, the behavioural health software market is expected to reach $1,494.1 million by 2019. Globally, this... more>>

CIO Insights

The healthcare industry is experiencing a rapid multi-faceted shift in modality with its products, services, reimbursement, and customer. more>>
First and foremost thing we need to agree that technology is bound to rule present. One can’t go away from this reality. more>>
I believe the patient portal has changed the patient experience. Imagine getting all your laboratory, radiology, ancillary results and... more>>

CXO Insights

Electronic Health Records have evolved slowly over the last half century but rapidly accelerated in recent years. The desired outcomes,... more>>
Enterprise social innovation occurs when people across and around the enterprise contribute to its innovative capabilities through a... more>>
Business processes and businesses themselves are inseparable and when I say this I mean they have a co-existing relationship. You can’t... more>>

CEO Insights

When the concept of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) first emerged a few years ago, there was some skepticism in the industry: not... more>>