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March - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
Driven by organizations’ spending on software solutions to bring in business value with various products and project developments, the global product and project consulting market is witnessing burgeoning growth. more>>


Many industries rely on the quick processing of data feeds as a competitive advantage. Financial services companies that need to provide... more>>


The Silicon Valley of India is no longer just another name in IT. The city is being recognized globally as the premiere venture capital... more>>

CIO Insights

Vodafone India, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra is a provider of wireless telecom services in India, serving more than 140 million... more>>
The board may look at you in amazement trying to figure out what just got into your head BUT at the end of the day they will look up to... more>>
What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful’ is a best-seller by American leadership coach... more>>

View Point

With democratization of data, access to useful information is no longer a challenge. It’s what you can do with this deluge and how... more>>
Across the industry, outsourced asset maintenance has become one of the noteworthy trends in an effort to drive operational excellence to... more>>

Expert View

The Indian IT Industry is justly proud of the fact that it has put India on the Technology map of the world. When the word India is... more>>
Enterprises today are increasingly using their supply chain to compete and gain market share. The industry is witnessing technology and... more>>

Expert View - NFV

With ever increasing network traffic, service providers need to continuously ramp up their services to respond quickly to the rising... more>>

Expert View IoT

In the much-hyped world of the Internet of Things, the industry continues to focus on the number of connected devices and machines that... more>>

Enterprise Startups to Watch in 2015

Today’s software development is plagued with myriad of challenges that have come up due to shorter product and innovation cycles.... more>>
On-premise based CRM solution usually results in high expenditure and frequent up-gradation. Software and Hardware maintenance of IT... more>>
In today’s connected world, Internet and Information Technologies have opened enormous opportunities for businesses to expand beyond... more>>
Lifestyle diseases has been surging as society has become more industrialized. Unhealthy diet and undisciplined lifestyles have become... more>>
According to a report by Gartner, more than 75 percent of mobile applications will fail basic security tests. The report says that in... more>>
Peter Drucker - the great Management Consultant, educator and author once said “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” and this... more>>
Busigence creates decision intelligence products for real people by combining data, technology, business, and more>>
Formulating and orchestrating objectives, design and web contents for a particular firm or start-up while developing a new website... more>>
The landscape of application management has significantly changed with the advent of cloud technology. With cloud technology becoming... more>>
Customer experience is being redefined everyday and businesses are on the lookout for innovative ways using technology to take customer... more>>
Regardless of the robust security controls and established DLP tools that might have been deployed within the organization to protect the... more>>
Big data will continue to present a major challenge for scientific research in the years to come. Data acquisition, computing platforms,... more>>
Well established vendors have been reluctant to target small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) as they find budgets and other assets of these... more>>
The RBI mandate in 2014, that every public sector bank must have an ATM in every bank branch underscores the growth opportunity for the... more>>
Hiring has always been an inefficient and costly process for companies. ePoise eVAL is a NextGen hiring product from ePoise Systems that... more>>
The cyber security market is estimated to become worth more than $155 billion by 2019, at a CAGR of over 10 percent. The exponential... more>>
With the advancement of numerous online technologies, new cyber threats have been rising rapidly. more>>
Invoices and quotation management have become a primary and critical function for all businesses. Accurate invoicing systems help... more>>
In-house coding tests usually absorb a lot of time for the recruiters as well as applicants. California headquartered HackerRank has... more>>
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and related conflicts are no longer confined to a Nation’s geographical limitations. Since the... more>>
Known security labelling technologies are at best protected against outsider threats and can be easily manipulated by insiders. In... more>>
With the intense competition in today’s software market, even the slightest error can eventually lead to a surge in customer attrition... more>>
In today’s data rich world, organizations are sprinting towards coping with ever expanding boundaries of data. The challenge is to... more>>
Email communication has become imperative for organizations to improve business transactions. As per Gartner, an average individual... more>>
There is a constant hankering within us that brings us closer to the unexplored. The urge to create something new and explore beyond is... more>>
Enterprises make good impressions by having online presences with an application for various mobile platforms. In this regard, mobile... more>>
For several years now, Project mismanagement has produced myriad of challenges triggering expensive rumpus and high risks of business... more>>
In today’s competitive and dynamic business climate, applications for ERP, Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management... more>>
The next time you call your bank to inform about the incident of your ATM card being retained by the machine, you will not have to face... more>>
Digital marketing is in a state of constant change. New social networks and tools pop up every few days. more>>
Consumer habits, exposure of brands and information dissemination are some of the key words for a company to put up a workflow strategy,... more>>
SME One Source is a one-stop, comprehensive managed business services solutions provider, aiming to help the SME segment consolidate,... more>>
Utilizing Bulk messaging service has become one of the vital strategies for media companies, enterprises, banks and FMCG sector for... more>>
Unmanaged content and information have crunched the operations of every business today. Given the enterprise wide nature, the data... more>>
The volume of information within enterprises continues to grow causing discrepancy in management and retrieval of data. more>>
System or network downtime usually leads to surge in overhead costs, declined productivity, increase in customer attrition and even loss... more>>
Big Data analytics is supposed to redefine the competitive landscape of various industries in the years to come. more>>
Companies spend millions of dollars in testing new product rollouts and maintenance of old products. This is to ensure that end... more>>
Following the surge of IT industry, huge capital investments have been frequently made in the recruitment process for job promotions and... more>>
With the surge of technological applications and change in the priorities of customer preferences, the BFSI sector has gained the... more>>
Regardless of the industry, field workers have to confront many challenges at the job site. Workers on field lack access to data networks... more>>
Peter Drucker once said “the purpose of business is to create and keep customers” and going by this saying, several businesses are... more>>