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March - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
Several large forces impact the banking industry today, including consumer behavior, regulatory expectations and proliferation of new technologies. Banks are relying on new technologies more than ever to successfully navigate this environment. Digital revolution is one of them. It has the... more>>

In My Opinion

Collaboration and team-work have always been a key to success for any organization. Without these, it becomes hard to cut the chaos and... more>>

Company Spotlight

Today, a colossal number of technology applications are available in the market to help call centres function more effectively. Owing to... more>>
Customers always seek for continued support from their vendors. As many companies have customer base in different parts of the world,... more>>

20 Most Promising Call Center Technology Solution Providers 2016

The application of open source technology in call center realm is increasingly enticing enterprises for a sustainable business growth.... more>>
As technology advances, organizations demand for aggregate solutions that can reduce operational cost and complexities, bring accurate,... more>>
As technology advances like SMAC gain momentum, call centre solution providers are adapting to the growing demand of social media... more>>
It is imperative to implement foremost practices to ensure confidentiality of all communication and data in contact centre landscape. As... more>>
As technology advances, enterprises invest enormously to improve quality for a seamless customer experience. Being one of the best BPO... more>>
Today’s contact centers have disparate technologies in place. The challenge has been to effectively integrate various technologies into... more>>
The Call Center industry is growing tremendously and this rapid growth can be attributed to several capabilities of call center solutions... more>>
The contact centre market in India is identifying an increasing drive towards quality of customer experience. Demonstrating high levels... more>>

CIO Insights

A typical dilemma of CIO of a SME to Mid-size industry is to keep a balance between Business Needs vs Business Fundamentals. Most of the... more>>
Gone are the days when a customer service call started with, “what is your order number?” If John Doe calls, now conversation starts... more>>

CXO Insights

If you were to draw a diagram of the lifecycle of a tech support episode in a reasonably sophisticated contact center, you'd see a... more>>
The 2015 calendar draws to a close, and, as is ritualistic practice, we are all talking about trends and technologies that will shape... more>>
In today’s robust and competitive business environment, organizations are constantly looking at streamlining business processes to... more>>
In the much-hyped world of the Internet of Things, the industry continues to focus on the number of connected devices and machines that... more>>