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May - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
As Enterprises have become more dependent on electronic transactions and digital information, they are usually prone to privacy issues. With the proliferation of cyber-attacks, businesses need to opt for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) methodology. It is because PKI enables to create, manage,... more>>

In My Opinion

Digital is front and centre in almost every CXO conversation across the globe. The digital age is the outcome of the convergence of... more>>

Company of the Month

As globalization of ecommerce is creating new opportunities, merchants want to take advantage of these opportunities and secure new... more>>

Company Spotlight

Industrial sector is increasingly adopting 3D scanning solutions to resolve technical problems as they help in faster validation of... more>>

20 Most Promising Digital Technology Solution Providers 2016

Digital technologies and platforms are rapidly providing newer means of connecting people to each other and also helping products and... more>>
Back in 1980, The Buggles created a sensation by composing and releasing a song that captured incredibly aptly, the situation in the... more>>
SMS marketing is one of the best options for those looking to expand to mobile. It is because SMS marketing is not only affordable, but... more>>
With our fast paced lives, health tends to take a toll on us. But the ever -changing technology has changed the course of our lives. The... more>>
Analysts predict that eighty percent of new investments that enterprises will make will come to digital. However, it is a challenge for... more>>

CIO Insights

How do you manage a cloud? That may sound like a Zen Koan along the lines of “what is the sound of one hand clapping?”, but it is... more>>
The IT landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years. Businesses of all sizes are exploring new models for technology, led by cloud... more>>
The digital economy is the new productivity platform that some experts regard as the third industrial revolution. Digital revolution,... more>>
Trends in Software Defined Networking Today, we are seeing Software Defined Networking and Software Defined Data Centers appearing... more>>

CXO Insights

Genrich Altshuller, an Inventor and scientist has busted the myth that innovators are born, he also published another astounding... more>>
The world today is heavily networked and social, we as a society are living out our digital lives generating amounts of data never seen... more>>

CEO Insights

The future of Industry is all about keeping pace with technology and preparing the organization to extend investment support for the... more>>