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November - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
The world around us is caught up amidst the oncoming waves of digital transformation that seems to be sweeping us off our feet. More than anything else, this shift has compelled businesses to reinvent their image to match the pace of the market developments. The digital transformation has also... more>>

Company of the Month

The significance of User Experience Design (UX Design) has skyrocketed globally and India is not lagging behind. Even though the UX... more>>

In My Opinion

Recent studies and trends indicates “Digital Assurance” will top software testing trends in coming years. As per latest reports, 30 -... more>>

2O Most Promising UI/UX Solution Providers 2016

The consumer today has evolved to become "Anywhere Consumer" and is interacting with brands whenever they want and from wherever they... more>>
Every other person today appears glued to their phone and laptops. No wonder more and more service providers are taking their businesses... more>>
With technological advancement in all fields, it has become imperative for companies to evolve along with technology in order to meet... more>>
There is something for everyone on the web. Attached to the web is user experience which has emerged as an inseparable entity whose... more>>
A well-designed user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) can make a product successful. Anything less than an awesome user experience... more>>
UI-UX is swelling up to become the chief identifier of the businesses for the customers. The market has reached a point where UI-UX... more>>
In this fast paced world, more and more consumers are opting for the digital platform to avail various services. Thus, a webpage or a... more>>
Products and Services will be successful only if they satisfy the user’s needs. So how is that you’d know and understand what the... more>>
A great product experience is becoming imperative as it becomes a clear differentiator, that users take into account while choosing a... more>>
A website is now a necessity for a company. Gone are the days when only industry bigwigs would have a presence on the web. Today, a web... more>>
You might see this is as just a line, but at Yellow Slice this is the Brand Statement. The time is moving fast, businesses are endlessly... more>>

CIO Insights

The fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of today’s tech-driven world demands more accessibility to data from remote locations. The... more>>
Recently I have been advising a startup called Quantum Metric on their go to market strategy. Their product allows companies to quickly... more>>
Modest, small and near-ignored beginnings, challenges won over to reach the stars – nearly every start-up goes through such a life... more>>
How a mortgage field services provider transformed their IT operations to support growth, quality, and a rapidly changing business model.... more>>
We have seen a sea change in the way life is made easier for normal human beings over last few decades with the advancement of... more>>
The promise of cost reductions and economies of scale achieved through virtualization has lured many technology leaders into a morass... more>>

CXO Insights

As the Internet Of Things (IoT) gains a higher rate of adoption, ensuring the security and data privacy of these complex solutions will... more>>