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October - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
We always believe in giving consultative approach to our customers”, says Mr. Reddy. more>>

Company of the Month

We are continuing to innovate based on market needs & technology trends”, concludes Shafi. more>>

Company Spotlight

Allied Digital, a 1984 established company and a known Masters Systems Integrator has enhanced its solutions and service lines to match... more>>

In My Opinion

And there's something that will bring travelers a sense of relief: Those fees for in-room Wi-Fi access are becoming a thing of the past... more>>

20 Most Promising IMS Companies 2015

The need for outsourcing IT Infrastructure management has evolved as a strategic priority. Infinite focused on three key ingredients when... more>>
The ITIS (IMS) market is transitioning towards cloud and Inspace Technologies is all set and well equipped for both to create and adopt... more>>
Our vision is to become the number one end-to-end solutions provider and demonstrate excellence in providing the best-in-class managed IT... more>>
DCM is focussing on the Telecom industry with services for fault, configuration, administration, performance, security & compliance... more>>
With their strong customer value proposition and bias towards action, the team is determined to make a dent in the market. more>>
The 1989 established Swan Solutions anticipates that, there will be a plethora of applications that will be hosted in the Cloud as... more>>
While reducing the bottlenecks around monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure, Technospecs measures the criticality of... more>>
Chennai based 24/7 Computing Services Pvt. Ltd. Amalgamating in-depth industrial knowledge, functional expertise and deploying... more>>

CIO Insights

There is a lot of talk about how the technology trends facing pharmaceutical industries are transforming the market place and reshaping... more>>
In order to address these challenges, organizations need to move from Siloed Asset management to Collaborative asset management.... more>>
Traditionally, IT has proved to be a backbone for initiatives implemented by telcos for improving customer experience and managing their... more>>

CXO Insight

Building exaflop systems is the current challenge for scientists and researchers. The major challenges include performance,... more>>
The expanding business periphery and evolving work processes add to risk vulnerability. Today, organizations aren’t restricted to a... more>>
Today, it has become necessary for the Hotel Industry to imbibe the latest technologies which assist them in controlling the costs. No... more>>
While the technology providers struggle to maintain the security of IT environment and Governments and Regulators work on providing a... more>>