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October - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
Accolite also plans to sum up the industry experience gained till date with the market observations and build a security roadmap to add more analytical features to its solution suite. more>>


Incidentally threat intelligence is also gaining traction with organizations expanding threat intelligence capabilities drastically. more>>

In My Opinion

Connected devices powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) offer enterprises opportunities to mine vast amounts of data, penetrate new... more>>

Company Spotlight

Continuous engagement with the cyber security providers allows SkillCube to envisage the current and upcoming business requirements in... more>>
Today, companies need to securely connect the global workforce to the field equipment in order to access information, monitor status,... more>>

20 Most Promising Cyber Security Solution Providers 2016

Advanced malware is no longer the most dangerous enemy in the world of advanced threats. It’s the attack campaign: human orchestrated... more>>
Barracuda Network recommends a Federated Security Architecture where a centralized control layer can interact and integrate with security... more>>
As high-profile breaches raise fears of security failures endangering the global economy, safeguarding infrastructure and financial... more>>
Information assets need to be safe-guarded by big and small companies alike. To protect business assets, organizations require... more>>
The threat landscape has changed dramatically and cyber crime is now a highly sophisticated business that is getting bigger every day. As... more>>
In an increasingly connected world - of Social Media, Mobility, and Cloud - the need for greater intelligence and insight will give... more>>
As the number of potential targets grows, the sophistication of security threats is also increasing. Traditional security products such... more>>
With evolving technologies, the threat landscape is changing and companies need to align their information security investment... more>>
The enterprise information security market is crowded with noisy vendors, including legacy companies peddling outdated software and... more>>
While business-critical data stored in a SAP system is sufficiently protected inside the secure boundaries of the SAP system, it becomes... more>>
A wide variety of threats face the cyber world, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), state actors and ransomware. Hackers have... more>>

CEO Insights

As an extrovert; I often reach out to people around me and start the conversion with intent of knowing each other and in the pursuit of... more>>

CIO Insights

I really like this simple definition - "Cyber Security is putting the pieces in place that protect you so that you can actually do more... more>>
Trends like BYOD, mobility and increased usage of cloud apps are resulting into unwiring the enterprise. Here’s what my colleague... more>>
Digital Leadership teams of large general insurance companies know that they need to move rapidly to react to digital disruption. more>>

CXO Insights

Not so long ago, businesses evolved, because they were staring at impending failure. However, today, companies look at continuous... more>>
The crimes of our childhood aren’t there anymore. The masks, the gunmen, the bank-heists, the double crossings are now just part of... more>>
Over the past few years, spear phishing attacks via highly targeted messages have been the primary vector of successful data breaches.... more>>
The era of internet escalated banking has brought the banking channels to customer’s hand. This is possible because of communications... more>>
Technology is changing the way the insurance industry conducts business and is encouraging implementation of new policies for emerging... more>>
Perfect Plant is a key initiative to handle these manufacturing challenges along with usage of Industry 4.0 and Big Data to be... more>>