Most Prominent Use Cases where Robotics is Transforming Industries

Samrat Pradhan (Correspondent) | Thursday, 03 September 2020, 11:51 IST

Most Prominent Use Cases where Robotics is Transforming Industries

Every industry, especially the manufacturing industry does have one or the other activities which might be quite dangerous for humans. For instance, hazardous waste sites, clearing inaccessible terrain, or repetitive work on the production lines, etc. would be pretty dangerous. Hence many of the organizations are adopting robotics capabilities in their daily or specific operations. 

Today, robots are much more cost-effective than humans and can work continuously. As robots do not need to re-energize nor expect any pay, hence it would enable 24/7 flow of particular operations of one’s organization. Hence, it is expected that use of robotics capabilities would be much more cost-effective, effective, and productive for today’s organizations across various industry verticals.  

Today, robots have been finding its way to various industry segments. Hence lets look at the usability of Robotics Technology across various industrial segments:   

Military Industry

Today, robotics technology is advancing in such a way that there is a huge possibility that the next-generation war would be waged by combat machines instead of humans. There are thousands of robots already in the military service today and we are pretty sure that these machines will take on a major role in the futuristics warfare. However, most of the robots that are used in the military are not meant for combat. But, if we look at the aerial drone, it was developed for combat and to enhance the ability of fighter aircraft.  


Today, especially in these times of pandemic, robots have replaced several professions related to the healthcare segment.  However, a human surgeon replacement is still quite far. Any advances in medicine are met with great eagerness and approval – as they result in a shift in health care and longer-term quality of life. As there has been tremendous advancements in the technological front,numerous innovations are taking place in the healthcare sector.

Today many of the hospitals are using robots to take care of COVID infected patients so as to maintain social distance while also aid patients to recover. Robots are also being used to maintain the hygiene of the hospitals. Robots are also being used to make more precise movements so as to reduce the risk when performing real-time surgeries.  

Every Repetitive Jobs

Robots are considerably beneficial and better than the traditional industrial systems. It is much more advanced and sensible. The most important work a robot does for us is handling our daily repetitive tasks and other mundane operations. If robots spare a worker from the work, heshe can focus on more beneficial and productive operations. Humans will have a best alternative to aid them in performing boring, dirty and dangerous tasks.