Pioneer India is set to launch three Head Unit Receivers with built-in Alexa Capabilities

CIOReviewIndia Team | Monday, 10 August 2020, 12:12 IST

 Pioneer India is set to launch three Head Unit Receivers with Amazon Alexa Built-In to revolutionize Car Infotainment Segment

Under the market names, DMH-Z6350BT, DMH-ZF9350BT, and DMH-ZS9350BT Pioneer, Pioneer is launching 3 Car AV Receivers with Alexa built-in.  

Providing a seamless driving experience, these brand-new car AV receivers are best for multitasking and are created with the integration of Alexa. Moreover, it also looks upon the needs of different types of cars and users. Hence, these are deliberately crafted across different designs and functions; a perfect leap towards revolutionizing the car infotainment. 

These Car AV receivers can have conversations directly with Alexa through the Pioneer DMH receivers. FOr instance, customers can request Alexa to play music, add items to their shopping carts, check the weather, listen to news, and control smart home devices remotely, among others. Furthermore, with the advancements in Alexa, this next-generation technologies are getting smarter, including new capabilities. 

There are some various USPs of the products, such as built-in Apple CarPlay that can operate users' mobile apps, enjoy homestead of entertainment and seamlessly make calls, to  bring useful information and organize it into user-friendly cards and can be utilized whenever one is in need. For instance, it maintains the car's safety by reducing any distractions. 

Capacitive Type WVGA Display Screen provides viewing experience that makes

the map reading safer and easier.You can tether the receiver with your smart phone and

browse videos and music on the internet.


Here are three  car AV receivers designed and developed by Pioneer:

DMH-Z6350BT which is priced at 49,990/- INR enables viewing experience which is said to make the map reading process easier and safer. One can tether the receiver with their smartphones while also browsing music videos over the internet. Second one is known as DMH-ZS9350BT, priced at 79,990/- INR. This device allows the panel to be installed separately from the main unit, thus building more options for installation. And, the last one is known as DMH-ZF9350BT which has been priced at 84,990/-. This device provides an immersive viewing experience that makes the map reading safer and easier.