3 simple tips to increase your TikTok views

cioreviewindia Team | Monday, 13 September 2021, 05:29 IST

3 simple tips to increase your TikTok viewsTikTok is the new trend in the social realm connecting content creators to a whole new world of opportunities to showcase their skills through videos.

If you’re not getting enough views on TikTok videos, that’s because the competition is tough, and you’ve to be at your “A” game all the time.

Whether you’re just staring out or searching for ways to make your mark, this post is for you.

In this article, you’ll learn 3 simple tips to increase TikTok views.

Let’s get started…

Show what people to want to see

This point speaks for itself. Let’s understand this.

Social media is a place that’s very personal to people.

That’s why they specifically follow certain people, topics and pages.
Why would anyone follow a page having no interest in it?

Would you do that?

Obviously not. That’s because social platforms have become more than a mere escape from the busy life. They’re more like your new work environment. You sell products through social pages, market your brand, and even re-target people.

The point is, people want their social handles to display what they want to see.

If you as a content creator won’t provide it to them, they won’t watch your videos.

How can you do this?

Well, the first step is to identify your niche. What are you good at?

Do you like sharing marketing tips or dancing videos or cooking recipes?

After you find out your zin, ask yourself: What exactly is that people interested in my niche want?

Do they want content creators to explain marketing concepts briefly?

Do they want funny cat videos or 2-minute recipes?

Answering these questions will help you know what you need to create.

You can go to profiles of famous TikTok users or your competitors to see what makes them successful.

Are they using a specific filter, transition while speaking or using a particular sound effect?

There’s a reason they’ve millions of followers, and you need to analyse their content to find out why?

Another way is to follow trending topics around your niche on discussion platforms like Twitter, Reddit, or even on TikTok itself.

Search for the keyword you want to make content on and TikTok will show what videos are getting the most engagement.

I know it’s too much, but it really helps to narrow down your options.

Finally, be creative.

Don’t just copy everything you find because then that would risk your credibility as a content creator.

People might even get bored watching the same videos from you and other users because there’s no guarantee they’ll watch your videos first.

Hence, tweak the videos by adding creative elements and be yourself to reflect originality.

Share behind the scene videos

What are behind the scene videos?

These are unedited videos that reflect how you work before uploading the final content on any social platform.

It could be anything from you enjoying a brunch with your editing team or your cat siting on your mouse.

How do these videos get you more views?

Haven’t you ever wondered how your favourite TikTok users make their videos?

What’s their routine or how their studio setup looks?

This’s also true for audience on other platforms.

Wouldn’t you love behind the scene content of your favourite marvel movie?

Well, that’s how it works. When you share such videos, you’re showing people you’re comfortable and enjoy sharing your work at the backend.

Let people know you’re out there and will be posting

To bring more views, you’ve to promote your content before uploading it.

This’s a simple trick to create a buzz around your fans. You can do this by going live and announcing that you’ll upload your new video in few hours or exactly at 12 PM. That way people will know when to come online.

Another way is to promote your Twitter profile across other social platforms. Think about it. People who follow you on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook already love what you do. Hence, it makes complete sense that they’ll be happy to follow and engage with your videos on TikTok. Well, at least it’ll earn you a few more TikTok followers and let people know you’re out there.

Hence, take advantage of cross-platform promotion and announce before uploading new content.


You can follow these 3 simple tips to increase your TikTok views. If you’re going to make your mark, you’ve to bring something new to the table and work your way out with quality content.