Accenture Expands Amazon Web Services Capabilities to Help Enterprises Expedite their Journey to the Cloud

CIOReview Team | Friday, 02 December 2016, 06:29 IST

Accenture announcedthe expansion of Accenture AWS Business Group to further enhance its industry leading application migration, development and management offerings optimized for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Since launching last year, the Accenture AWS Business Group has trained 2,000 Accenture technologists and earned 500 AWS Certifications, helping enterprise clients – such as Avalon, Hess Corporation, Mediaset and Talen Energy – migrate to the cloud, accelerating innovation, agility and scalability by taking greater advantage of as-a-Service operating models.
Accenture is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner for four years in a row across various regions around the world. To date, Accenture earned a leading 8 AWS competencies and recognized as an AWS Managed Service Partner. Competencies include recently announced Financial Services and IoT in addition to Migration, Mobile, Big Data, Government and others.
“We have found that agility of operations is fast becoming the top business objective for companies migrating to the cloud – surpassing even cost savings – which can only be achieved through a Cloud First approach and a robust selection of cloud solutions,” said Jack Sepple, senior managing director, Accenture Cloud and Accenture Operations group technology officer. “The Accenture AWS Business Group is an instrumental asset for our customers seeking to speed their journey to the AWS cloud, maximize their existing investments and ultimately deliver increased value to their organizations faster and with lower risk.”
The Accenture AWS Business Group has committed to expand their offerings for application transformation services and security as part of its focus for the next year, while continuing to enhance other solutions and services, including:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions, integrated with AWS – Integrates Accenture’s industry-specific IoT expertise with AWS Cloud infrastructure and business services designed to help clients achieve greater operational insights and efficiencies.
  • Transformation Services, optimized for AWS – An expanded suite of services to help clients to move their existing applications to and develop new applications on AWS quickly, economically, and securely.
  • Analytics and Big Data Services, powered by AWS – The Accenture Insights Platform has been Hitrust certified and expanded to integrate with AWS data and analytics capabilities to better manage the end-to-end data lifecycle for customers in highly regulated industries.

“Our collaboration with Accenture has helped enable organizations across industries rapidly migrate to AWS and experience measurable business benefits faster than they previously thought possible,” said Mike Clayville, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “With the guidance and support of Accenture AWS Business Group, our joint customers have been able to foster timely adoption of new IT operating models and explore new opportunities using agile, cloud-based solutions that help drive greater efficiencies and productivity throughout their businesses.”

Additionally, in an effort to further support the accelerated adoption of AWS by its clients, Accenture has integrated the enhanced cloud management capabilities of the AWS Cloud into the Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP), an open and scalable cloud management solution for enterprises. Accenture has enabled ACP to work across all AWS Regions and Availability Zones to centralize cloud governance with analytics, cost controls and policy management to fully complement AWS Cloud capabilities.
Among the newly unveiled Accenture Cloud Platform capabilities are:

  • Native support for AWS Cloud Formation – Supporting blueprints and blueprint management that includes AWS PaaS services, enabling management across multiple datacenters, tags and versions enabling unparalleled application stack customization.
  • Centralized Tag Management – Available across users and cloud providers, enabling customers the ability to view, find missing tags and rationalize them across datacenters and cloud platforms.
  • AWS-wide cost policies, budgets and quotas – The new cost management feature works across all AWS regions and datacenters, no longer limited just to VMs, broadening the reach beyond AWS console’s datacenter focus.

Among other Accenture and AWS efforts is an ongoing collaboration on benchmarking the industry to explore the different rates by which organizations are migrating to the cloud, examining the benefits of faster adoption, and discussing best practices on accelerating the process. This includes the release of the Market Pulse Research on Cloud Migration jointly with IDG, which surveyed nearly 500 executive of large enterprises around the world.