AI Claims Management Solutions with Claim Genius Co Developed By HCL

CIOReviewIndia Team | Friday, 08 January 2021, 09:29 IST

HCL, one of the topnotch globally leading technology companies signs a strategic agreement with Claim Genius. Claim Genius is the provider of AI automation solutions for the auto insurance market. The agreement signed is to jointly develop and market new AI claims management solutions. A part of the agreement states that HCL will provide Claim Genius’ real-time damage analysis technology for passenger vehicles to global insurance carriers.

HCL will integrate Claim Genius’ platform with its core claims platform. This platform is widely used by carriers. HCL’s worldwide clients will get this integrated workflow solution available to them, and this will drive speed, accuracy, and productivity for the automobile insurance services sector.

With the implementation of this service, clients will get an instant AI-powered repair estimate for the damaged vehicle based on images or videos uploaded from the client’s mobile app or claims management system.

This platform further simplifies immediate incorporation of the estimate information into the insurer’s claims management workflow utilizing HCL’s core claims management workflow utilizing HCL’s core claims-management products.

Claim Genius’ damage analysis technology provides powerful automated features. It includes instant analysis of uploaded damage photos and videos, detection and analysis of vehicle parts and damage, and prediction of vehicle total loss based on client defined threshold.

The technology moreover provides active feedback for continuous AI-model optimization and full API access for custom integration among other features.

Alongside HCL’s comprehensive claims management solutions, these new features will help clients drive new efficiencies into their claims workflow and accelerate the transformation towards a virtual and touchless claims future.