Air Unique Quality Monitoring Photonic System For Real Time Remote Monitoring Of Air Quality

CIOReviewIndia Team | Friday, 14 August 2020, 09:07 IST

Air Unique-Quality Monitoring Photonic System For Real-Time Remote Monitoring Of Air QualityA report by the World Health Organization (WHO) states that degraded air quality causes 7.5+ million fatalities globally every year. As a solution to this, accurate, low-cost monitoring of air quality parameters is essential as the present systems and technologies applied for checking air quality cannot be deployed due to high-cost. This raised the requirement of systems for real-time remote monitoring of the air quality parameters.

Aiding to this, Prof. Dr. V.S.N. Rao Tatavarti, the Director of Gayatri Vidya Parishad-Scientific and Industrial Research Centre (GVP-SIRC) & GVP College of Engineering, Vishakhapatnam, with adequate support from the Department of Science and Technology’s Clean Air Research Initiative, develops an indigenous photonic system.

AUM - Air Unique Quality Monitoring Photonic System will remotely monitor air quality parameters. Supporting Prof. Tatavarti, Prof. P. Arulmozhivarman from the School of Electrical Engineering, VIR University, Vellore, along with his team members, developed AUM (Air Unique-Quality Monitoring). The system involved CATS Eco-Systems, Nashik as its technology transfer partner to commercialize the product.

An innovative application, AUM system implements innovative application of the principles of Laser Backscattering, Statistical Mechanics, Optoelectronics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine, and Deep Learning, And the Internet of Things. AUM is designed to identify, classify, and quantify various pollutants. It can be used to identify classify pollutants of orders less than one part per billion, and meteorological parameters. AUM has higher precision rate, sensitivity, and accuracy.

AUM cleared the laboratory trials successfully with gold standards and was a standout technology when compared in the field with imported systems from France, and Australia. It was operated by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board under the banner of the Central Pollution Control Board of India. The trials were conducted in collaboration with EffecTech, UK.

AUM is a highly sensitive and accurate with the capability of detecting and quantifying every air quality parameter. AUM offers a number of merits on the recent conventional systems. AUM is a portable, compact, low-powered, and economically feasible system, which works on plug and play system, with no uptime setting and additional civil infrastructure for housing.

AUM delivers information on every gas and meteorological parameters with a non-intrusive remote, real-time monitoring system and has higher sensitivity and accuracy rates, with the capability of monitoring in spatial, temporal domains at high sampling frequencies.

The data from spatially separated sensors can be seamlessly streamed into a cloud server, from where digestible real-time encrypted information on the dashboard is given to the users located on any part of the world.

AUM has the capacity to boost the nation’s efforts for self-reliance in high-end technologies, building a nation’s wealth and economy.