Altimetrik Defines Future of the Enterprise IoT: Makes It Real for the Manufacturing Industry

CIOReview Team | Monday, 29 February 2016, 04:48 IST

Altimetrik, a business transformation and technology solutions company is unveiling advanced IoT solutions that are set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing industry is faced with the challenge of digitally connecting its assets with systems and people, engineering and acting upon the data on the floor to achieve predictive maintenance, precision monitoring & remote management. Altimetrik's Enterprise IoT capabilities make operational intelligence real by connecting machine data to newer business insights & driving meaningful outcomes. Altimetrik has made significant investments in creating IoT specific Research & Innovation Labs which’ve helped the company become a frontrunner in IoT consulting and execution. The company has been identified among leading IoT solution providers for manufacturing by IDC.

Altimetrik is among the new breed of technology companies driving its business model based on the three global mega trends of modernization – Digital, Connected Solutions and Consumer Technologies.  

Our “Think Big – Start Small – Scale Fast” Enterprise IoT strategy handholds customers through the entire value realization cycle starting from quick alerts’ based POC’s to more predictive systems of scale. We are glad to unveil our Enterprise IoT solutions at the prestigious ‘Industry of Things World USA’ platform and continue to add great value in the digital transformation journey of the industrial enterprises.”–  Madhavan Satagopan, Chief Technology Officer, Altimetrik