Amazon Giveaway: Self-Service Tool to Promote Products or Self

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 10 June 2015, 10:48 IST

SEATTLE, WA: Amazon announces the introduction a new intuitive self-service tool, Amazon Giveaway to enable anyone to generate and host their own giveaway facilitating reward system for promotion of their products or self. Amazon Giveaway simplifies the process of holding contests around products in the company's massive inventory.

Amazon Giveway allows user to select their product from the Amazon item page by clicking ‘Set up giveaway’ link. Furthermore, the host can give the details about promotion or any content and specify the rules such as prize for everyone or for first few or for selected one. After completing the setting up process Amazon provides the short link to promoters which can be shared across web, on social media and through email.

If anyone wins the specific prize, Amazon ensures the delivery of the respective items. Hosts or promoters don’t have to pay anything extra except the cost of product. The company allows up to 50 prizes with overall worth of $5000 per giveaway. In addition, Amazon with its partners will be running hundreds of giveaway across social media channels to promote the new launch where user will have to search for Amazongiveaway to find new giveaways every day.