Artificial Intelligence Set To Improve Accuracy and Efficiency of Business Operations

CIOReviewIndia Team | Friday, 06 September 2019, 13:10 IST

CIOReviewIndia TeamArtificial Intelligence is considered to be the most remarkable technological advancement among the latest technology innovations. Though the concept of AI has been around for the past few years, its immense capabilities were explored only recently. Enterprises around the world are largely investing into the AI in an attempt to lead the next generation technology revolution with AI powered strategies. Here are some of current trends in AI landscape that are believed to transform the modern day business operations from the very roots,   


AI-enabled Chips: To Speed-up Data Processing

AI-enabled chips incorporate AI technology and can act similar to human, process the data just like how a human brain does. These chips speed up the data processing for AI workloads working much faster and more efficient than the conventional CPUs. Chip manufacturers Intel, Qualcomm NVIDIA, and Advanced Micro Devices have already begun the manufacturing of these specialized chips that helps to speed up the execution of AI-enabled applications.

Convergence of AI and IoT: Facilitating Root Cause Analysis

Convergence of AI and IoT will play a major role in the future to unlock the potential Industrial IoT. Industrial IoT is one of the important use cases for artificial intelligence to perform root cause analysis, outlier detection and predictive maintenance of the equipment. Self-driving cars are another fine example for the impact of AI and IoT working together, which would not have been possible without the convergence of AI and IoT. 

AI-based Facial recognition: For More Precise Results

AI has certainly revolutionised the facial recognition system making the face recognition more precise and accurate.  The AI based facial recognition technologies are going to be implemented more effectively for biometric identification and continue to see rapid adoption in the healthcare, law enforcement etc. due to their ease of adoption and usage.

Artificial Intelligence to Fight Diseases

AI enables to detect diseases more accurately at early stages, helping people to effectively handle diseases well in advance. AI and Cognitive Computing helps doctors find different treatment patterns for a disease.  AI also reads through several clinical trial protocols available and helps to find out the specific clinical trial for a particular patient.