Autodesk To Acquire Delcam

CIOReview Team | Friday, 05 June 2015, 10:25 IST

FREMONT, CA: The shareholders of Delcam, the supplier of computer aided design and computer-aided manufacturing solutions voted for their acceptance to the Autodesk’s offer for acquiring the company; the acquisition is anticipated to get completed by February this year, said Delcam’s Press release. With Delcam’s acquisition, Autodesk is planning to provide an amalgamation of its excellence in designing, engineering and entertainment with Decalm’s expertise in manufacturing. "Together Autodesk and Delcam will help further the development and implementation of technology for digital manufacturing," said Autodesk Chief Executive Carl Bass. After acquisition, Autodesk can expand the U.S. company’s software offerings in the manufacturing sector. According to NC Software Market analysis, Decalm for thirteen years has been the world’s leading specialist supplier of CAM software and services. As the company becomes subsidiary of Autodesk, it can work better to enhance the market share. Even after the acquisition, Delcalm will reportedly maintain their skilled engineers and staffs.