Avaya to offer custom solutions to Standard Chartered to deliver absolute customer experience

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 08 May 2019, 10:58 IST

crmAvaya has partnered with Standard Chartered with an intention to deliver a multi-year client experience transformation. The company offers its OneCloud Private solution to the organizations such as Standard Chartered in order to provide unified communications and contact center solutions that helps deliver on their own private cloud.

Avaya leads many organizations in Contact Center, collaboration services. It offers standard reference architectures and allows the organizations to co-ordinate with the company experts to design custom solutions. The Standard Chartered Avaya implementation is one such custom solution that is designed to enable the banks to effectively service its clients, and build a foundation that leads to an anticipation of contact center channels that have not yet emerged.  

The banking sector is experiencing an increase in demand to adopt digitization. The recent research says that the 49% of the clients now are actively using online services, compared to that of 2017’s research which just had 45% clients using them. This clearly portrays the responsibility of the banks to deliver easy, convenient and secure digital banking experiences across multiple channels, while still offering the human touch through its client contact centers.

The Standard Chartered said that their partnership with Avaya has enabled them to offer a seamless experience for their clients by consolidating their interactions together at a place. This has helped them to create greater efficiencies with agents being enabled to transit between the channels, and benefitting from the context of their previous conversations. Avaya’s platform has also offered them the flexibility to engage the third party organisations so that they can continue to evolve and offer best in class channels and provide better experiences for their clients.

Avaya’s OneCloud Private solution is providing the global platform for the Standard Chartered that is required to deploy securely within the Bank’s environment. This platform is helping create more convenient ways of banking with security assurance and full-service across any channel. Avaya is proud to be a supporting edge to this financial institute, and shall continue to be the same further as it continues to evolve and find transformation to meet the needs of its clients.  When it comes to the commitment of the Standard Chartered with its clients, the company has shown a preference for strategic partner relationships.