BMW Active Assist Car: Blessed with Technology to Prevent Accidents

CIOReview Team | Monday, 08 June 2015, 09:34 IST

FREMONT, CA: The increased rate of accidents due to human errors prompts automotive industry to initiate the talk for developing accident-proof cars to avoid the collision or any crash event. Entering in the similar series, BMW is coming up with its crash-proof car under the project BMW Active Assist to prevent accidents. The car’s 360 degree view, higher efficiency and automated driving capability gives the driver and passenger a more safer and comfortable journey. The new self-driving car is based on Active Assist technology that incorporates multiple features to equip the vehicle with enhanced surrounding awareness capabilities for taking right action based on the situation. Laser Scanners There are 4 laser scanners attached to the front, back, left and right end of car that captures shapes of objects (moving or still), building and landscape and measure distance and speed. The combined effect of all laser rangefinder devices covers entire surrounding of vehicle to help determine a full picture of accessible and free of obstacles area to drive. Camera BMW accident-proof vehicle utilizes camera, installed in the inside mirror, to differentiate between a passenger car, lorry, motorcycle or pedestrian. The camera recognizes the position of road users and road markings to keep the car within lane by supplying information on the position of car. RADAR At the front and two times in back end of car, RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) system is installed to determine position of other vehicles with distance, direction and speed determination by emitting radio wave. Ultrasound Sensors BMW also adds ultrasound sensors at front and rear wing of the vehicle to detect obstacles and vehicles in case of sudden intrusion in the vehicle arena. Global Positing Systems (GPS) GPS captures the whole map with exact position of vehicle and information on number lanes or entries and exits nearby. By interacting with camera it helps car decide how to choose the right lane or move in the certain direction. Intelligence With all the equipments attached with the car, BMW has also installed a brain system which receives all the information and strategizes the behavior of vehicle. The system, located at the luggage compartment, utilizes control technology to operate steering, accelerator and brake that are combined to render the functionality of automated car. BMW car takes over driving task fully or partially in specific situations.