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CIOReviewIndia Team | Saturday, 03 October 2020, 04:06 IST

Bringing frontline employees to the forefront - Internal communication with Groupe.ioAt a time where isolation has taken on a literal and larger role in everyone’s lives, the essential frontline workforce has kept going in the face of the pandemic. Despite rapid improvements and change of perception with regards to employee empowerment, most companies don’t really provide a platform where the frontline employees can voice their opinions.

One of the topmost reasons why frontline employees are the last ones to receive corporate communications or get a chance to voice their ideas is because they don’t have access to a desktop throughout the day. Most frontline employees are hard to reach, do not have corporate email IDs, and are therefore unable to feel included or engaged.

But this isn’t an issue that is impossible to solve, nor is it lacking in opportunity for organizational success: Research shows that up to 80% of an organization’s opportunity for improvement comes from front-line employee ideas. The attrition rate among frontline employees is higher, and it can be brought down with better employee engagement strategies. Tapping into this can be a great source of growth, something worth investing in.

There are a large number of internal communications apps today—those that allow organizations to share company-wide announcements, policy updates, as well as use a secure platform to enable bottom-up communication with all employees., for instance, is a mobile-first employee app that enables real-time communication and collaboration with the entire workforce, frontline included. Apart from providing an effective way to reach out to employees that don’t have access to a laptop or desktop, the app comes with many handy engagement and productivity tools that are simple and quick to implement.

The app makes it easy for organizations to complete the communication process end-to-end—they can send relevant announcements to just the right group of employees, assign, automate, and track tasks, as well as measure the impact of their communication strategy with rich dashboards and read-receipts.

An internal communication app can be the perfect solution to improve the way organizations engage with their employees—it can determine their productivity as well as their retention rate, two of the most important factors for success, especially in today’s scenario.

Bring everyone on board without hassle

It’s almost impossible to create corporate email IDs for every frontline employee— helps companies overcome that hurdle by enabling workers to login using their registered mobile numbers or their biometrics. This saves a lot of time and effort for all parties involved.

Interface that doesn’t require getting used to

Groupe’s consumer app-like interface makes it easy for employees to immediately adapt to the app. Employees can view, like, and share company-wide announcements, access document repositories, and create groups with custom feeds.

Organizations can pin important announcements to the top of the feed which makes sure that important communications don’t get overlooked or lost in the clutter. Collaborative features like instant messaging, video conferencing, and group chat help employees interact and work with better with their teams in real-time, with no learning curve at all.

Employee engagement made easy

With digital surveys and polls, organizations can understand employee opinions and improve engagement. They can collect employee feedback and encourage them to come up with more ideas by holding contests, and involve employees more in the decision making process—this helps employees feel more attached to the company and creates more loyalty among them.

A way to measure and improve, real-time

Companies can measure and analyze how effective their employee engagement strategy is with Groupe’s rich dashboards. They can understand the reach of their announcements, know how many employees have viewed and acknowledged their broadcasts, etc., and make changes accordingly.

No-code, customizable forms and checklists

Companies can move on from their paper-based processes and digitize them in a matter of minutes, with no coding required. Groupe’s digital forms and checklists help companies gather data in a structured manner, reducing the time taken to collect it, as well as improving its accuracy. This enables faster decision-making and approval processes.

Effective process and workflow automations

Making sure that work goes on in a consistent and timely manner is necessary, but its made more difficult by not being able to meet the frontline employees face-to-face. Companies can now ensure process compliance and consistency with Groupe’s automation suite. The enterprise-grade process builder helps companies rapidly deploy workflow and process automations with a simple drag and drop interface. Companies can now automate routine work, as well as multi-step processes easily, and speed up work with e-approvals and e-signatures.

Companies can also assign and schedule tasks to employees and groups with pre-set priorities and specific deadlines. This makes sure that employees have all the context they need to finish their work faster. The work status can be tracked by managers in real-time, thereby identifying and solving bottlenecks and any manual errors.

Enterprise app store

Frontline employees regularly access multiple third party apps in the course of their work.’s enterprise app store brings all these apps to one place with easy third-party integrations, making the experience seamless. Organizations can build custom integrations, and even customize existing apps to include just the features they need, thereby making the apps lightweight and compatible with any smartphone device the employees might have.

With no coding involved and single sign-on access to employees, creating and integrating with apps is faster and much more secure.

Virtual bot assistants

Conversational and guided AI assistants help employees navigate and find the information they need faster. With data mining and machine learning capabilities, Groupe anticipates what employees need and provides them with the relevant information at the right time. Better yet, the bots can be integrated with any internal and third-party systems for better automation.

Easy deployment can be rolled out within 24 hours on a large scale, completely customized as per the organization’s requirements. Groupe’s in-house professional services team steps in and helps create custom apps and integrations when the organization’s IT team does not have the bandwidth.


Organizations can set granular permissions and roles on the app to ensure data confidentiality. comes with remote-wipe capabilities that enable companies to remotely revoke employee permissions and delete data from their devices whenever required. ensures the highest level of data security with 256-bit AES encryption.