Delta Highlights its R&D and Manufacturing Operations Expansion in India and its Smart Solutions for Energy Management & Automation During Elecrama 2016

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 18 February 2016, 05:31 IST

Bangalore, India, February 16th, 2016 – Delta India Electronics, a leading provider of power and thermal management solutions, announced today, at Elecrama 2016, the expansion of its R&D and manufacturing operations with new facilities in Bangalore and Hosur respectively, in line with its long-term plans to harness the country’s significant long-term growth potential.  Delta India plans to develop smart energy management solutions with industry-leading energy efficiency at its new R&D centre which is expected to create up to 500 engineering jobs within the next 3 years.  Within the next 10 years, Delta’s new factory in Hosur will create up to 20,000 jobs for the manufacturing of power electronics, renewable energy and automation solutions.

Mr. James Ng, chairman of Delta Electronics (Thailand), parent company of Delta India, said, “Delta recognizes the potential of India to become a powerhouse in manufacturing and its need for high energy efficiency which is one of Delta’s core competences. We believe our new R&D centre in Bangalore will be instrumental in the creation of innovative and energy-efficient technologies that will support the realization of national initiatives such as “Make in India” and “Digital India”. Delta was one of the multinational companies invited by the Prime Minister of India, the Honourable Narendra Modi, to the opening event of “Digital India” in July 2015.  We expect the Hosur factory to eventually become Delta’s biggest manufacturing base in India.”  

Delta selected Bangalore for its new R&D centre due to the high quality and abundancy of its engineering talent pool for software and hardware development.  This new R&D centre is expected to create up to 500 high-tech jobs within the next three years and focus on technologies such as mega-watt scale power conversion and power quality.  The new plant in Hosur is expected to start operations in early 2017 and will supply the local marketplace with smart, high-efficiency telecom power systems, industrial automation solutions, UPS, renewable energy inverters and converters as well as solutions for display and monitoring.

Mr. Dalip Sharma, managing director of Delta India Electronics, remarked, “Delta is recognized as a sustainable enterprise by world-class institutions such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) given its commitment to the development of solutions that truly help customers save energy.  Providing telecom networks with green power, enabling energy-efficient and smart manufacturing processes and data centres and even realizing green buildings are part of Delta’s contributions for a better tomorrow”.

“At Elecrama 2016, we exhibit for the first time in India, our entire portfolio of smart solutions with industry-leading energy efficiency for a wide range of sectors such as green energy generation, industrial automation, telecom and even agriculture. Our track record includes the implementation of a smart monitoring solution for ATMs that provides a safe environment for banking customers across India while protecting the banks’ infrastructure.  Also, our PV inverters, featuring the world’s highest energy efficiency of up to 98.7%, support residential, commercial and megawatt-scale projects; our innovative solar trackers increase output by up to 30% versus fixed-mount structures; and our VFD controllers combine with solar power to provide Indian farmers with a clean and energy-saving water pumping solution for irrigation”, Mr. Sharma added.

Delta’s industrial automation showcase will feature advanced solutions for the growing smart manufacturing sector in India.  Among these, the SCARA DRS40L series robot arm solution, which can be smoothly implemented in production lines for electronics manufacturing, packaging, rubber and plastic in applications such as assembly, soldering, inspection, insertion, screw locking, etc. with increased productivity by nearly 3 times in certain cases.

Another highlight of Delta’s offering at Elecrama, is the battery energy storage system, a modular cabinet with 41 kWh of energy backup capacity that leverages Delta’s proprietary lithium-ion battery technology and power conditioning system (PCS). With the use of an energy management system (EMS), this storage platform is suitable for a variety of applications, such as community, commercial energy storage and utility-scale ancillary services.  Functions such as output power stabilization for renewable power systems, peak demand shifting to reduce exposure to elevated electricity prices and power backup are key elements of this solution.  

In order to support India’s growing economy and manufacturing sector, Delta also offers its renewable energy solutions, such as a full range of string and centralized solar PV inverters that feature industry-leading energy conversion efficiency of up to 98.7% in certain models and power range from 3kW to 1MW for residential, commercial and utility segments.   In addition, our solar tracking technology delivers approximately 30% higher output versus fixed-mount structures.  The system combines Delta’s automation devices such as servo drives and motor drives, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and human-machine interfaces (HMI) and can realize both single axis and dual axis rotation depending on actual customer requirements.

Delta will also offer, at Elecrama, technology to support the creation of green data centres in India. Thus, the InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions combines power distribution cabinets, modular UPS technology (with AC-AC efficiency of up to 96% as well as vertical expansion from 25 kW to 200 kW), precision cooling and racks & accessories and a Environment Management System for real-time monitoring and ease-of-maintenance.  A virtual tour of Delta’s green data centre in Thailand will be featured at the booth.

Another remarkable section of Delta’s booth at Elecrama 2016 is Display & Monitoring Solutions which feature:

- The smart monitoring system implemented in the banking industry in India to protect ATM customers while preventing and tackling thefts and attacks on ATM sites across India through advanced image analysis technology and a remote monitoring platform.  

- The ultra-narrow bezel LCD video walls, which offer up to 20x15 display arrays for large-scale applications, brightness of 700 nits (55-inch cubes), pixel pitch of 0.63mm, 4,000:1 contrast ratio, 3.5mm combined bezel width and the integration of Delta’s Icon Pro display controller these video walls become total solutions for real-time monitoring of surveillance, transportation management and other mission-critical applications.

As India expands the digitalization of the country, Delta supports the telecom industry with its energy-saving power solutions.  These include hybrid-power systems for outdoor installations that integrate solar PV energy to reduce reliance on unstable grids and on fossil fuels.  The underlying energy management technologies integrate rectifiers with energy efficiency of up to 97.5% that help deliver significant opex savings for our customers as well as controllers that monitor and control the entire system and site power infrastructure, enhance battery life, enable energy savings, and inform the operator of maintenance needs.  Delta’s new small cell for 4G applications, Golden Eagle, winner of the 2015 Reddot Product Design Award and featuring energy conversion efficiency of 96% is also a highlight of the showcase and a new solution for the Indian telecom market.

Delta’s stand at Elecrama 2016 is located at Hall 1A, HA46 between February 13th to 17th, 2016, Bangalore, India.