Empowering the Field Force

Sudhakar Singh, Managing Editor | Friday, 28 January 2022, 15:00 IST

Computer vision systems are finding their application across industries such as education, healthcare, robotics, consumer electronics, retail, manufacturing, and security and surveillance. Together with AI, computer vision is proving to be an incredibly useful technology. Given its increasing popularity and usage, we have covered this technology segment exclusively in this special issue. The cover story of this issue features Beltech AI which has emerged from Bangalore with a definite vision to change the urban as well as rural living infrastructure through its smart solutions and services. The startup is accelerating quicker, easier, and transparent Governance by making Urban and Rural Infrastructure smarter. It has been able to do so by integrating state-of-the-art AI with public infrastructure. Beltech AI has a fleet of smart governance products that includes Traffic Management, Security, Smart City, and Public Transport. Also featuring in this issue is Adloid which is an immersive technology partner to large automobile players, empowering them in boosting their online presence and creating an immersive experience for their customers via its web 3D rendering and web AR platform to better showcase their portfolio, keep up with the changing trends of the automotive industry and, the shifting consumer behaviour. The issue also covers Indika AI which is offering its cutting edge, accurate and scalable data services that AI companies can solely rely on. Indika AI is a data service startup based in Mumbai and is working with some of the leading AI companies across the world to help them train their AI Models with high-quality training data. In addition, the issue also features other promising startups in this segment.

In this special issue, CIOReviewIndia brings to you the list of 10 most promising startups that have made their mark in this domain with their technology acumen and industry expertise. These startups have kept abreast of the new technological advancements in this segment and have leveraged them to their full potential.