GCR Unveils the Newly Revamped 'Channel Partner Services Platform' (CPSP)

CIOReviewIndia Team | Monday, 31 August 2020, 13:40 IST
 GCR Unveils the Newly Revamped 'Channel Partner Services Platform' (CPSP)Global Channel Resources (GCR), a leading aggregator of digital transformation solutions, unveils comprehensive improvements to its Channel Partner Services Platform (CPSP), enabling its ecosystem of Channel Partners, Value Added Resellers (VAR), System Integrators and Distributors to expand into new segments within the digital transformation market and leverage additional marketing support, tools, attractive incentives and more. GCR Partners are authorized to sell GCR’s complete portfolio of 1000+ digital transformation solutions including Industry 4.0, Asset Tracking & Management, eCommerce Suite, Work-From-Home, New Normal solutions etc.
“At GCR, developing strong lasting relationships with Channel Partners is at the heart of our strategy and that is why we invested in the ‘Channel Partner Services Platform’. This platform aims to support our partners with the necessary resources to drive a smooth digital transformation journey for customers, and at the same time ensure a profitable growth. We’re helping build an entire eco-system” elucidates Tony Tsao, Founder and CEO, GCR. “We have effectively used the lockdown period to revamp our partner portal. Digital Transformation Start-ups will mushroom up from everywhere in the world and they will need a good service delivery platform to help them reach out and manage the services to different part of the world. The new CPSP serves as a one stop source for our partners digital transformation needs which will scale with the COVID crisis. We have received positive inputs from some of our Channel Partners - and we will continue driving our efforts towards making the portal mutually beneficial.”
Besides creating value for channel partners, CPSP is also the gateway to ISVs and OEMs to market their solutions to channel partners across multiple geographies and segments.
With dedicated sections to each IoT/SaaS solution and brand, delivering what a Partner needs has become easier than ever with the CPSP. The portal offers some unique features which includes:
• Access to 1000+ IoT Solutions and Services
• Full visibility on pricing plans
• Access to marketing collaterals
• SaaS based billing plans and online payment facility
• Transaction History and Easy Checkout, also track goods and orders
• CRM to manage your customers
The ‘Channel Partner Service Platform’ (CPSP) is a comprehensive ecommerce platform that offers their Channel Partners with SaaS and digital transformation solutions, marketing tools and resources to help grow their business.